Introducing the SBES Space-Bit, the wristband which alerts and traces if workers get in each other’s safe-space.

It is perfect for all work environments. Should two wearers become closer than 2 metres the SBES Space-Bit will vibrate and has an LED to alert the users to separate. Each SBES Space-Bit will automatically store the ID and contact dates of each alert.

Download the full details below:

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ATEX & IECEx Zone 1 accredited robot incorporated with the ION Science Falco for the detection of VOCs in flammable and explosive environments

Throughout unmanned facilities within the oil and gas industry, a human presence is generally still needed for regular inspection work, so deploying Ex certified robots (ATEX and IECEx Zone 1) incorporated with the ION Science Falco, can have a significant positive impact on safety by minimising worker field trips, which in turn reduces operating costs.

New Enerpac Cutter Spreader Combination Tool

The new Enerpac ECS-Series Cutter Spreader combination tool features powerful jaws that can cut and spread, bringing a versatile and simple tool to industrial customers.

Two Tools in One

The powerful spreading jaws apply five tons of force to quickly open workpieces and expose the internal parts of vehicles, appliances and other industrial equipment. A pair of large blades grip and cut through extensive sections of sheet metal and similar materials, streamlining and accelerating the processing operation. Whether recycling appliances, removing impediments or cutting materials down to size, the Cutter Spreader combination tool is the ideal tool to access required parts and get the job done.


All-in-one cloud-based solution provides multi-point internet connection for alarming, reporting and management in convenient central location

Svantek’s well proven SvanNET cloud-based solution now offers  noise, vibration and dust monitoring with new 24/7 support functionality ideal for large infrastructure projects. The enhanced, all-in-one portal offers multi point internet connection with the company’s high performance instrumentation to provide alarming, reporting and management in a convenient central location.

Double filter capacity at a low price: SmartFil sets a new standard in its class 

Developed for professional welders and yet affordable for newcomers: The new SmartFil extraction unit from KEMPER sets a new standard in mobile welding fume extraction for regular welding. 

Even in the basic version, it is the price/performance winner in its device class. At comparable price level, the SmartFil offers twice the filter surface and thus a significantly longer service life compared with similar systems. An even larger replacement filter and other accessories enable welders to further upgrade the extraction unit. Equipped for the first time with a round filter insert in this device class, KEMPER has also optimised the design to create a more attractive, rounded appearance.

Combustible Dust Hazards: How Safe Is Your Facility?

Combustible dust hazards are being given more attention, thanks to the NFPA 652 mandate that all industrial facilities complete a dust hazard analysis by September 7, 2020. This emphasis on process safety in industries handling combustible dust suggests that a crisis did not exist until recently, when fire and explosion reports across the globe indicate otherwise.

Dust Safety Science, which has been recording dust-related incidents since 2016, publishes a yearly Combustible Dust Incident Report that reviews loss history, materials and equipment involved, industries affected, and known causes. The 2019 report highlighted the following statistics:

Updates to HSE Guidance on Lone Working – Policies and Procedures Explained

In March 2020, the HSE updated its Protecting Lone Workers: How to Manage the Risks of Working Alone guidance document, which advises employers and employees on the factors that need to be considered when assessing and managing the risks to lone workers’ health, safety and wellbeing. 

This updated guidance has proven particularly well timed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen hundreds of thousands of organisations adapting to these uncertain times by facilitating many of their employees working from home, or instructing them to carry out isolated activities on sites in order to comply with social distancing guidelines if they cannot work from home.

Altus Selected as Partner for Hikvision’s Innovative Screening Solutions

Hikvision, a world leading IoT solution provider has used its expertise to design a range of innovative solutions to support the industry in returning to work whilst mitigating the risk of staff safety. To bring the new range of thermal measurement and temperature monitoring equipment to the UK and Ireland, Altus Group, a leading distributor of capital equipment, has been selected as the ideal partner to gain traction within the region.

Building on its impressive portfolio of products to help business navigate to a new normal in the workplace, Altus is pleased to add Hikvision to its list of preeminent suppliers to offer safety solutions.

Altus will be stocking the Minmoe thermal measurement terminal as well as the very capable thermal measurement gate offering customers a capability regardless of budget for investment. 

NEW – Low-cost Indoor/Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring

At a time when air quality is never far from the news headlines, Shawcity is delighted to announce the latest multi-function environmental monitor on the UK market.

The 6-channel TSI BlueskyTM air quality monitor is a key new product as it offers simultaneous measurement of PM1, PM2.5, PM4 and PM10 mass concentrations as well as temperature and relative humidity – all in real time and a low cost.

Remote Subsea Inspection Technology Overcomes Challenges 

Integrated technology and inspection company, MCS, has launched a new system which allows an entire offshore inspection campaign to be delivered remotely.

The Remote Inspection System (RIS) utilises sophisticated data compression and transfer as well as 3D imagery and data capture to move all work completed from an offshore vessel inspection container onshore.

The solution overcomes travel restrictions and ensures safety of people by allowing work to be completed anywhere, including at home, with live video feeds and clear voice communication.