Has your hard hat expired? Safety experts urge workers to “check your head protection”

Arco, Headway and Centurion bring head injury to the forefront of workplace safety for Hard Hat Awareness Week 14th - 20th June 2021

Twenty per cent of all fatal and non-fatal injuries in the UK are head-related, yet head protection accounts for only three per cent of personal protective equipment (PPE) purchases.[1] When head protection is acquired, nearly a quarter of workers are unaware that exceeding the expiry date of a hard hat can reduce its protective qualities. Arco, the UK’s leading safety company, is joining forces with Headway - the brain injury association, and Centurion, head protection system specialist, to raise awareness of the importance of selecting, wearing and maintaining head protection.

Fx Dynamics, the Stratford upon Avon-based specialist M&A advisory business, has played a crucial role in the sale of hazardous area enclosures business, IndEx Enclosures Ltd, to investment company, Kent Business Investors (KBI) Ltd.

Founded by Richard Gipp in 2010, IndEx Enclosures Ltd have developed a high degree of brand recognition and a first class reputation for the design and manufacture of hazardous area control, instrumentation and connection products at their Ashford facility. The company have established a global reputation for customisation and service within the energy, chemical processing, food, pharma and rail sectors with a client base of over 200 active companies.

Accelerating the shift to remote support

Is it time thermal fluid systems joined the fourth industrial revolution?

The first company to provide remote consultations with doctors launched in 2013. Fast forward to 2020, and the pandemic required the entire NHS to switch to remote consultations. In industry, advances in sensor technology and manufacturing software have seen remote monitoring become more prominent. But will maintenance professionals, like doctors, be able diagnose problems online? Here, Clive Jones managing director of thermal fluid supplier Global Heat Transfer, discusses whether the pandemic could kickstart the digital revolution of thermal fluid monitoring.

Because thermal fluids degrade over time, regular thermal fluid analysis is a vital part of maintenance in facilities that use heat transfer systems. Traditionally, carrying out sampling, analysis and maintenance requires on-site support from a thermal fluid expert, who is usually a third-party. As manufacturing facilities have implemented new safety procedures in light of the pandemic, it could become more difficult for external engineers to regularly visit sites.

Safety io's new and improved Grid Fleet Manager streamlines gas detection management

Safety io, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subsidiary of MSA, The Safety Company, has introduced a series of features to improve its customers' user-experience when it comes to gas detection and management. These include single sign-on (SSO) and a new dashboard design which makes navigating and identifying fleet concerns even easier for safety managers.

Single sign-on (SSO) enables secure, easy access to the Grid

SSO is an advanced, secure authentication method that enables smoother access to the Safety io Grid platform. Now, all Grid customers can use their company login details to access their Grid account, eliminating the need for different credentials for multiple applications.

SSO is available today on the Grid web application, and will soon be integrated into the mobile application experience.

Green Alternative friction material reduces impact of brake dust from onshore wind turbines  

Onshore wind turbines rely on yaw brakes to face into the wind and generate power efficiently. New Green Alternative friction material from Svendborg Brakes, a leading brand of Altra Renewable Energy, offers turbine operators the opportunity to reduce the impact of dust from wind turbine yaw brakes.

The problems of brake dust

The efficiency of an onshore wind turbine relies on it being able to turn to face its blades to the wind. This orientation ensures that the turbine operates efficiently, providing optimal power generation and profitability for operators.


Many workers in hazardous environments could be wearing protective workwear that is not fit for purpose, according to workwear supply and laundry provider, Elis.

Elis works with thousands of businesses around the UK, advising them on their protective clothing  requirements, supplying the workwear and then regularly laundering and maintaining it. The company has in-house PPE expertise in recommending workwear based on risks and hazards present in industrial working environments and estimates that around 60 per cent of business are using at least some workwear that is not fit for purpose.

WEG release infographic explaining changes to legislation

Leading global manufacturer of motors and drives, WEG has published an infographic detailing the changes of the new motor European legislation 2019/1781, which will take effect from July 1. The infographic ensure engineers understand the new energy efficiency requirements for low voltage motors, which could provide significant financial gain.

Europe has over 8 billion electric motors in use, consuming approximately 63 per cent of the electricity generated across the continent. Until recently, some of these motors, including those designed for hazardous areas, were exempt from energy efficiency regulations. However, these regulations are about to change.

Offering a new level of enhanced, reliable protection against VOCs with the first 11.7 Cub personal solution from ION Science.

In a 2018 report from the UN, it was revealed that a worker dies every 30 seconds due to exposure to toxic gases in the workplace. That such statistics still exist today is one of the reasons ION Science is working hard to create protective technologies for workers against VOC exposure. The new 11.7 eV Cub personal solution is the first of its kind and promises to be a game-changer for protection against exposure.

The Cub 11.7 eV personal device is the latest addition to ION Science’s world-leading range of gas and leak detection products. Using their 30 years of industry experience and their extensive knowledge of both volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and photoionisation detection (PID), ION Science continue to deliver excellence in protection for workers.

Complete confidence in local community environments thanks to highly sensitive and reliable Falco PID from ION Science

Albany in New York, USA is just one of several global locations where pressure has been increasing to seek environmental justice for vulnerable local communities facing exposure to Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs). It’s a key ongoing political issue that all companies emitting VOCs must tackle, but now thanks to the highly sensitive, stable and reliable Falco PID fenceline technology, ION Science have a reliable early warning solution.

Falco fenceline fixed gas detector, from leading industry manufacturing specialist ION Science, offers continuous, fast and reliable detection of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) & Total Aromatic Compounds (TACs) including benzene, in high humidity environments. It also boasts innovative typhoon technology for unrivalled accuracy without fault, in condensing atmospheres and extreme weather conditions.

Businesses can evidence carbon neutrality and improved employee welfare thanks to the fastest and most accurate PID ever from ION Science

Whilst China and other governments around the world commit to a green economy by 2030, companies are starting to turn to employee health and safety monitoring to learn and evidence improvements in carbon emissions.

Thanks to Cub’s patented photoionisation detection (PID) of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), UK based gas detection manufacturing experts ION Science, is helping employers significantly reduce the daily exposure risks faced by occupational hygienists and technicians operating in the chemical or petrochemical industries.