HSE inspection campaign sheds light on health and safety issues in South Yorkshire

HSE inspection campaign sheds light on health and safety issues in South Yorkshire

Twenty-two inspectors inspected 71 business in Sheffield and Rotherham.

65 per cent of business inspected were found to be in some form of breach of health and safety law.

Inspectors served three prohibition notices, 31 improvement notices and a further 23 companies were written to.

With its South Yorkshire inspection campaign drawing to its conclusion the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has found 65 per cent of business to be in some form of breach of the law.

Last week 22 inspectors from HSE’s Yorkshire and Northeast Field Operations teams inspected 71 businesses in the Sheffield and Rotherham area. Of those visited 46 companies needed to make improvements to better protect the health, safety and wellbeing of workers in metal fabrication, engineering, general manufacturing and waste and recycling sectors

During the course of the week inspectors served three prohibition notices and 31 improvement notices. Examples of some of the breaches found included poor controls of welding fumes and metal working fluids.

In addition to where notices have been served, HSE has formally written to a further 23 local businesses to compel them to improve various aspects of health and safety.

Andrew Denison, Acting Head of Operations said: “Protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of workers is of paramount importance and at the heart of what we do.

“The high proportion of breaches identified during this initiative indicates that the risks were not being adequately controlled.

“Inspectors have taken robust proportionate action to deal with serious risks and to ensure companies are complying with the law.

“I hope businesses will take note and understand that they will be held to account if they fail in their responsibilities.”

Pratley stands firm with international and local market growth

Exports showed significant growth for Pratley in 2021, with new distributors appointed in Europe and the Middle East. “Companies that can offer quality, innovative products at good ex-store service levels will benefit from the fallout of the pandemic.” In this regard, Pratley has a policy of maintaining a 95% ex-store service level, which has contributed to its success in 2021.

“We experienced a fairly good uptick in adhesive sales towards the end of 2020 that was sustained going into 2021. With many staying at home and working from home due to the lockdowns, a greater degree of attention has been given to DIY projects and repairs,” notes Andrew. Pratley continues to see strong growth from the automotive repair market, especially in the informal sector. “We work hard to build loyalty in this market, which has been using our products for many years. Customers trust the brand and believe in the reliability of our products. This sector will be one of our main marketing focus areas in 2022.”

It was an eventful 2021 for the company, which also commissioned Africa’s most advanced perlite filter aid facility and launched Percolite® perlite filter aid for the food, beverage, and chemical industries. On the electrical side, it launched a new range of flameproof cable glands that make use of Pratley’s Taper-Tech® flame-seal technology. “We believe that these glands are game-changers in the market,” says Andrew.

Pratley also completed the construction and commissioning of a new technologically-advanced adhesives packaging facility. This follows a marked increase in domestic and export sales and gives room for future growth capacity. “We certainly see sustained growth for 2022, especially from our export markets,” notes Andrew.

In addition, Pratley’s electrical division has some innovative products in the pipeline that it expects to launch in the first half of this year. One, in particular, will be a world-first, reveals Andrew. “We are also looking at some exciting new adhesive and mineral products to be launched later in the year. We like to think of ourselves as a research and development company, and it certainly lies at the heart of what we do.”

Well-known as a leading adhesive producer, Pratley’s electrical division is also a global leader in electrical termination equipment, particularly cable glands, junction boxes and related accessories for hazardous locations. “In keeping with our policy, the types of products that we produce tend to be unique and highly innovative, with features and benefits that out-perform others on the market. We invest a lot in research and development in this area, and have our own highly advanced in-house electrical testing laboratory and personnel,” explains Andrew.

Commenting on the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Andrew acknowledges that 2021 proved to be a tough time for most businesses. “Indeed, the difficult challenges that South African businesses face on a daily basis, especially from a regulatory point of view does not help, either. However, challenging times have proved to also be times of rapid innovation and opportunity.

“In many cases, we have managed to dramatically streamline processes and improve product formulations or designs. We also have our incredible employees, who have contributed to our strong growth in adverse times. We are fortunate to be in a relatively strong position going into 2022, and we plan on being around for a long time to come,” concludes Andrew.

Belzona Adds First Ever Epoxy Structural Adhesive to its Polymeric Portfolio

Since Belzona’s inception in 1952, the company has been committed to pioneering innovative protective coatings and repair composites that meet the maintenance demands found across numerous application areas in a variety of different industries.

Built on this extensive experience and knowledge, the company is delighted to expand its product offering with a new high-performance structural epoxy adhesive: Belzona 7311.

This cold bonding adhesive is specially optimised for structural bonding applications subject to cyclic and repeated load where high mechanical strength, cleavage, shear and fatigue resistance are required. Thanks to its combination of high-performance properties and ease of use, Belzona 7311 is a valuable asset for any engineer looking for bonding solutions.

Protecting the science of tomorrow: VOC detection technology for University of Nottingham School of Chemistry

For the chemists and students who are working hard to make scientific discoveries and improvements for the future, it’s vital that their labs and work areas are safe and free from potentially harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Our UK distributor, Shawcity, is pleased to have supplied, ION Science’s leading handheld VOC gas detector, the Tiger, to help monitor air quality at the University of Nottingham School of Chemistry GSK Centre for Sustainable Chemistry.

Preventing exposure and ensuring VOC levels do not reach dangerous concentrations in these areas is essential for the safety of those working, and to ensure minimal interference with projects and experiments. There are also other factors to consider, such as shared communal spaces in buildings (like corridors or common rooms) potentially being impacted by high levels of VOCs. Depending on the volume and type of VOC, this could range from mildly annoying to more serious health affects long-term.

In a university, where buildings may have been converted or retrofitted to their current purpose, and therefore lack modern ventilation systems, having additional safeguards in place to monitor air quality and VOC concentrations is essential for safety. The University of Nottingham School of Chemistry had received some complaints about strong chemical smells in their labs, but the team also wanted to introduce some additional safety measures in the event of ventilation systems being down, accidents, leaks or other potential hazardous incidents.



Arco is pleased to see that the High Court has ruled that the VIP fast-track lane for awarding PPE contracts to those with political connections was unlawful.  We have seen examples of PPE supply contracts being awarded opaquely to organisations with no history or experience of PPE manufacture and supply, who were ultimately unable to fulfil orders as they had imported inappropriate or non-compliant products, increasing the risk to the public, care home staff and NHS workers.

We recognise the fact that when the pandemic broke out, the Government was dealing with an unprecedented situation and an urgent need to scale up procurement in an extremely fast-moving environment, in which a finite supply of PPE had to be matched with an almost-infinite global demand with millions of lives at stake. In such a situation it was inevitable that mistakes would be made.



Arco, the UK’s leading health and safety company, has announced an exciting partnership with FLX Health, to become the exclusive UK reseller of the FLX app, a targeted physiotherapy app that works to prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the workplace and rehabilitate employees more quickly when they arise.

MSDs are a leading cause of occupational ill health in Great Britain, accounting for 30% of all work-related ill health cases and 27% of lost working days. Affecting 14.9 million people nationally, MSDs cost the NHS over £5 billion per-year for treatment and support. As a growing issue that exists in many work environments, the FLX app empowers individuals to self-manage low grade pain and injuries through behavioural change and correcting biomechanical function, reducing the need for face-to-face and online physiotherapy appointments.  The FLX app will also help employers boost productivity, reduce sick days and keep their workforce healthy, happy and active

The FLX app works in two ways, accelerating the process of recovery, and preventing injury by detecting and correcting biomechanical issues. For example, during a three-month trial conducted with the South Yorkshire Police Force, MSDs were reduced by 64% and the rate of absenteeism due to MSDs was reduced from 43 to 18 days per month. This trial amongst 237 police workers, resulted in savings of £65,000 a year. When scaled across all staff within the Force, the calculated savings could reach £1.4m a year. In a similar trial with 480 workers at Dorset Fire and Rescue Service, days lost due to low level back pain reduced by 52%.

MSA Live: The must-see virtual event for all safety professionals

MSA Safety, worldwide leading manufacturer and supplier of state-of-the-art safety solutions, is hosting a Live Virtual Event from the 25th to the 27th January 2022. Called “MSA Live: Get Connected, Stay Protected,” the event will feature a series of immersive sessions, free of charge and available in English, French and German, from educational webinars to innovative product demonstrations led by a team of safety experts from MSA.

MSA's safety solutions are used by professionals around the world in a broad range of markets, including the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, the fire service, the construction industry, mining and the military. It’s variety of products include portable gas detection, head protection, firefighter helmets and many other types of PPE, safety devices and technology. 

  During the three-day event, MSA Live attendees will experience exciting innovations, discover the latest safety trends, and dive into the future of connected and occupational safety. As well as listening to a variety of thought-provoking educational sessions, guests will be able to participate in engaging question and answer sessions, listen to insightful panel discussions and explore 3D models of MSA’s brand-new safety products – all on MSA’s very own interactive platform.

Those who register for the event will be able to personalise their experience by selecting the sessions that are of the most interest to them, topics available include:

- Connected safety

- Fall protection

- Head protection

- New energy trends

- Gas detection; both portable and fixed gas and flame detection solutions

Yohan Morel, Customer Director International, comments: “The events world has changed dramatically over the last two years, and with travel restrictions still in place, our aim was to make sure our event was accessible to safety professionals everywhere. In addition to our informative and interactive sessions, we’re excited to be showcasing the newest safety solutions from MSA!”

To find out more information and to register for MSA Live, click here.


Winn & Coales International Ltd has recently acquired the FX-70® Structural Piling Repair and Protection System from Simpson Strong-Tie. In 2022 our long-established SeaShield™ Systems will have provided 50 years of pile protection and rehabilitation systems for timber, steel, concrete piles, and marine structures. By adding the FX-70 system to the SeaShield range we are now able to offer clients a one-stop pile protection provider.

Since its debut in 1970, the FX-70 system was the first to use a custom-made tongue-and-groove seamed fiberglass jacket with a high-strength, water-resistant repair grout. The system has extensive case histories for timber, steel, and concrete pile applications and is an excellent addition to our range of products.

To learn more about the SeaShield FX-70™ System and for all your pile protection and rehabilitation needs, you can contact your local representative directly by calling +44 (0)20 8670 7511 or by e-mailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For more than 90 years, the Winn & Coales International Group of companies has been creating bespoke and off-the-shelf solutions that provide enduring protection against corrosion. Through their seven subsidiary companies in the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia & New Zealand, together with their global network of distributors, they are able to provide their solutions to challenging corrosion problems all over the world.

Environmental Hazard Monitoring Expert Casella Announces 2022 Webinar Series on Noise, Air Sampling and Vibration

Global occupational health and workplace hazard monitoring expert Casella has announced its schedule of industry-leading webinars for 2022.

The schedule of free-to-attend, accessible webinars covers Casella’s areas of core knowledge, including workplace monitoring for noise, dust, gas and vapour hazards, as well as instrumentation usage and best practice.

In order to reach worldwide attendees, two sessions will be run on each date, with one taking place at 10am and a later session at 3pm to ensure learners across multiple time zones can benefit. Each webinar will conclude with a Q&A session to recap.

The webinar schedule is set to run as follows:


23rd February - Environmental Boundary Monitoring in Construction: Understanding Data

Parameters and data can be intimidating to those unfamiliar with environmental monitoring. This session will provide expert guidance on key parameters for noise, particulate and vibration so that site managers can know their Leq from their PM10 and PPV. Casella will also advise on how to use data to prevent potential complaints, saving site time and costs.

16th March - Introduction to Air Sampling

Airborne hazards from fibres, gases, dust and vapours can all cause potentially life-threatening damage to worker health. This session will provide expert insights on monitoring workers’ exposure with guidance on equipment, current requirements and best practice techniques.

13th April - Introduction to Noise at Work

This session will cover the different international workplace noise regulations, offering guidance on employer responsibilities and exploring ways that the use of noise dosimeters and sound level meters can support compliance.

18th May - Introduction to Asbestos Sampling

This session will provide a quick insight into the international use of asbestos, both now and historically, its associated health risks and how to perform air sampling for asbestos. Attendees will be guided through the equipment and accessories needed with best practice advice on how to set up equipment.

8th June - Setting up Air Sampling Pumps

Setting up air sampling pumps and their associated items is paramount to ensuring accurate exposure data. This webinar covers selecting the correct pump, setting up a ‘sample train’ and ensuring accurate flow, as well as best practice to ensure good quality data.


6th July - Introduction to HAV Monitoring

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) is a serious condition that can be prevented with the correct control of exposure. This webinar reviews the terminology around HAV measurement, legislation and exposure limits, as well as how to measure exposure on tools correctly and subsequently calculate exposure levels.

24th August - Environmental Boundary Monitoring in Construction: Best Practice

Boundary monitors can measure dust, noise, ground vibration and wind parameters. Acquiring accurate measurements from these units is essential for reporting quality data and preventing environmental complaints. This session will cover the correct siting and installation of monitoring units to ensure compliance with guidance and legislation. In addition, attendees will gain a best practice understanding of sensor operation and maintenance.


14th September - Introduction to Dust Sampling

This webinar will guide attendees through different facets of dust monitoring using air sampling pumps, including types of dust to measure and the selection of equipment, such as sampling heads or filters. Additionally, the webinar will cover how to calculate airborne concentration and exposure.


19th October - Use of SLM's and Noise Dosimeters

This session will guide attendees through the applications and uses of noise dosimeters and sound level meters, and the pros and cons of each. This webinar will also provide a best practice guide to getting the most from noise monitoring equipment, and cover the critical do’s and don’ts of instrumentation.


24th November - Introduction to Sampling Gases and Vapours

Personal sampling of vapours and gases requires knowledge to select the correct sampling media and the right accessories and flow rates. This webinar covers sources of information, how to set up a ‘sample train’, and how to select the correct air-sampling pump and equipment calibration.

To sign up for any of these webinars, free of charge, please visit;

UK & International -

US –

To find out more about Casella’s industry-leading range of monitoring solutions, please visit

Impact safety with full colour precision signs

BradyJet J4000 Colour Label Printer: Create compliant, photo-quality full-colour labels, signs and procedures that last

Create a safer, more efficient workplace with compliant, photo-quality full-colour labels, signs and procedures that last. Balance the complexity of safety and compliance labels with the demands of an industrial environment while reducing your safety signage inventory and material waste. Discover the new BradyJet J4000 Colour Label Printer: high impact, precision full colour that lasts!

Features & Benefits:


  • Create compliant labels and signs: Trust your regulatory labelling offers the colours needed for ISO, CLP/GHS, ANSI, BS5609 and arc flash
  • Extend label performance: Rely on specially formulated materials and ink designed to stand up to harsh environments
  • Maximise impact, improve efficiency and reduce waste: Stock and print only what you need, when you need it, in photo-quality full-colour every time

Watch the printer in action & book the demo on Brady’s websites!

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