Hazardous Area Lighting

Lightweight, Portable, Zone 0 Rated Area Light

The Nightstick XPR-5592GX area light has revolutionized how oil and gas industry workers approach hazardous conditions. With its powerful LED lights and robust construction, this area light offers a range of benefits that make it a must-have tool for any worker operating in this demanding environment.

First and foremost, the XPR-5592GX provides bright, reliable LED lighting that makes it easier for workers to see what they are working on. Its LED lights provide a clear, bright 1200-lumen floodlight rated for Class I Division 1 and Zone 0 hazardous environments (ATEX and IECEx).

In addition to its lighting capabilities, the XPR-5592GX is designed to withstand even the most demanding conditions. It is built with rugged, industrial-grade materials that can withstand the rigors of daily use in the oil and gas industry, making it ideal for use in rough, challenging environments. The light is also waterproof and shock-resistant, ensuring it will remain functional even in the harshest work conditions. The XPR-5592GCX model includes a durable six-foot tripod.

Another benefit of the XPR-5592GX is its long battery life. With up to 12 hours of continuous use on a single charge, workers can rely on this area light to provide reliable, long-lasting light throughout their shift.

The XPR-5592GX is designed for easy, convenient use. With its powerful rare-earth magnetic base and telescoping carry/hanging handle, the light can be placed anywhere.

In conclusion, the XPR-5592GX area light is a must-have tool for any oil and gas industry worker. Its robust lighting, rugged construction, long battery life, and convenient design provide a range of benefits that help teams work more efficiently and safely, even in the harshest conditions. 

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Glamox to reduce carbon footprint of LED luminaires by switching to recycled aluminium

  • 63 percent reduction in emissions of CO2 equivalents for aluminum
  • Will eliminate annual emissions of 1,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalents on three product lines

Oslo, Norway, 13 March, 2023 – Glamox AS, a leading lighting company, is progressing towards its goal of Net Zero operations by 2030. Today it announced that it has started to switch from using virgin aluminium to recycled aluminium in manufacturing its LED luminaires. The company has already made the switch for one of its most popular luminaires and is preparing to extend it to other families. The move will further lower the carbon footprint of the company and those customers who purchase the already energy-efficient LED luminaires for use in professional buildings.

Recycled aluminium is created by re-melting scrap metal. The process is less expensive and energy-intensive than creating new aluminium, which is made by the electrolysis of aluminum oxide, which must first be mined from bauxite ore and then fired.

“We’ve already implemented the plan to shift over to recycled aluminium in the manufacture of a popular luminaire which will result in a 63 percent reduction in the emissions of CO2 equivalents over using new aluminium in these profiles,” said Birger Holo, Technical Director, Professional Business Solutions, Glamox. “By adding two new product lines we estimate that we will eliminate a total of 1,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalents each year, which equals the amount of carbon sequestered by nearly 1,200 acres of forest a year.”

The Glamox C35 and C95 LED luminaire ranges are earmarked to be the next products to join the Glamox C80 luminaire range in using recycled aluminium. All three product lines are manufactured in Keila, Estonia. Together they represent around 400,000 products sold yearly, using a combined 300 tonnes of aluminium.

The company is also progressively eliminating plastic in its packaging, replacing bubble wrap and Styrofoam with materials that are easier to recycle. This has been done for its Glamox C35 and C95 luminaires.  Also, it recently launched an Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) generator. Based on international standards, this tool documents the environmental footprint of products taking into account their lifecycle.

“We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but we are committed to helping our customers to reduce their carbon footprint and for us to achieve Net Zero operations by 2030. It’s not enough providing energy-efficient LED lighting, we must ensure that every facet of our operations and supply chain minimises our environmental impact,” said Viktor Söderberg, Business Development Director, who heads up the company’s sustainability programme.

Peli Safety Lighting for Confined Space

Peli Products (UK) recently teamed up with ESS to put Peli lighting products to the test in their confined space training facility in Southampton. Thanks to Nick Cole, Trainer, for his assistance.

ESS is one of the leading specialist hire companies in the UK offering a range of safety equipment for operating in confined spaces. They are also a leading training provider of confined space training, training thousands of delegates per year via their network of training venues. ESS qualified trainers educate on the procedures and equipment needed to remain safe when working in a confined space.

Peli Products (UK) offer a wide range of tough safety torches including head torches, right angled models, compact versions and heavy-duty hand lights; all designed for use in hazardous areas.

Peli ATEX torches and lights are ideal for such hazardous areas as silos, tanks and chambers where an individual may be exposed to a range of potential hazards.

In the tunnels, Peli Safety torches were used in a scenario to evacuate a casualty. The Peli 3415 Z0 features a strong magnet which was used to position the light perfectly and freed up the trainer’s hands to attend to the “casualty”.  This model also has a 90° articulating head to angle the light exactly where required.  An integrated clip easily attaches to clothing for body worn, hands-free light.

The Peli 9415 Zone 0 is a rugged hand lamp with a powerful beam which cuts through smoke and fog.   The ATEX Zone 0 rating ensures the light can be used in hazardous areas.  This model was used to illuminate the tunnels, allowing the rescuer to attend to the “casualty”.  It features a sure grip handle for a comfortable and non- slip grip with an extra-large space to accommodate gloved hands.

The 9455 Zone 0 from the Peli range of Area lights was also used for a wider illumination.  This maintenance-free rechargeable LED light is easily portable, weighing 7.3kg and can be set up in seconds.

The unit is compact, easy to transport and has a retractable mast; the head can be rotated 360° and it also pivots to angle the light directly where required.

The 9455Z0 is popular across many industries where previously they may have been encumbered by bulky lights, trailing cables and the use of external power supplies.

Professionals have chosen the Peli brand for many years; trusting in the reliability, performance and durability of the products in the most testing conditions.  Established for over 30 years, Peli Products (UK) is ISO registered; ensuring quality systems and excellence in service.  The company has grown considerably during this time and has developed an outstanding reputation for both the quality of products and excellence in customer service.

For more details telephone 01457 869999 or go to www.peliproducts.co.uk.

ATEX Zone Torches

In a hazardous environment, portable lighting must be engineered to prevent a spark from occurring and igniting any flammable vapors or mists in the area. The ATEX and IECEx Zone systems were created to classify the different danger levels in these areas.

Portable lighting must be carefully selected based on the most hazardous environment it may encounter since the situation may quickly change due to an accident, equipment failure, or malfunction. Therefore, it is critical to identify the Zone in which you will be working and the Zone you might find yourself in during an emergency. Let's take a look at the specific characteristics of each Zone.

Zone 0

Explosive atmosphere is always present. 

Zone 1

Explosive atmosphere is likely to occur during regular operations. 

Zone 2

Explosive atmosphere does not occur during regular operation or for a short period only; this is usually the result of an accident or other unusual operating conditions.

The safest option is to use equipment rated for the Zone you might encounter instead of the one you will be working in. A great example of this is the Nightstick XPP-5422G torch. This ATEX safety-certified Dual-Light™ torch is engineered to not release enough electrical or thermal energy under normal or abnormal circumstances to cause ignition, even in a Zone 0 environment. The Dual-Light feature helps users to regain the lost peripheral vision from a traditional torch, allowing them to see the immediate area below and to their sides, significantly reducing the chances of a slip or trip. 

The final thought to consider when purchasing ATEX equipment is the product's manufacturer. A single-source manufacturer ensures consistent quality and safety across an entire product line. This is especially important when buying hazardous environment safety lighting. Nightstick, the original creator of the Dual-Light torch and a global manufacturer of over 50+ intrinsically safe professional, portable LED lighting products sold in 70+ countries, exceeds industry standards in performance, quality, value, and user safety. Focus on completing your job confidently, knowing your equipment was designed and rated for the highest safety levels. Find the certification level you need at www.nightstick.com.

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Peli™ Safety Lighting

In 2022 Peli Products (UK) Ltd celebrated 30 years in business.  During those years high quality, rugged torches have been a fundamental part of the Peli™ range in the UK.  We now offer a wide choice of safety approved lighting products for professionals working in hazardous areas, all are certified to current ATEX requirements for Zone 0 or Zone 1and are ideal for industrial and offshore use.

The range includes right angled clip on models for hands free use.

The 3765 Zone 0 is a tough rechargeable safety light, ideal for industrial and offshore use.  This rugged torch has a secure clip to attach to clothing and features downcast LEDs to light the path in front. It also has high and low modes and a battery charge level indicator.

The Peli 3415 Zone 0 features a 90° articulating head to angle the light where required.  An integrated clip easily attaches to clothing for hands-free light and also utilises a heavy duty magnet; allowing the torch to be attached to steel surfaces. 

The Peli 2755 Zone 0 is one model in a range of robust headtorches from Peli.  The torch comes with both a rubber and a cloth headstrap, and has three power modes: high, lowand flashing. A hard hat attachment is also included.

Professionals have chosen the Peli brand for many years; trusting in the reliability, performance and durability of the products in the most testing conditions.  

For more details telephone 01457 869999 or go to www.peliproducts.co.uk.

This artice can also be found in the Jan/Feb issue.


Glamox launches new generations of FX60 and TX65 LED lighting with flat glass diffuser

hes 06 19 1Based on continuous extensive testing and operational experience over the last five years, lighting solutions specialist Glamox has launched new generations of the FX60 range of Ex-protected LED floodlights and the TX65 range of explosion-proof (Ex de) multi-purpose LED area lights. Due to a new flat glass diffuser, both ranges now offer improved performance and a more compact, protected design.