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Heavy lifting and handling specialist, Mechan, has transformed the centre of a busy London rail depot into a multi-purpose maintenance space.

The Sheffield-based manufacturer has designed a bespoke wheel drop for the East Ham Train Depot, operated by South Essex and London rail operator, c2c Trenitalia, which enables roof components to be removed in the same location when it is not in use.

East Ham is located on c2c's London, Tilbury and Southend line and is currently seeing numerous upgrades in preparation for the arrival of a new fleet of Alstom Aventra trains.

Working with principal contractor, Spencer Group, a new wheel drop pit was added to East Ham’s Road 10, which is also equipped with high level gantries and a jib crane. Mechan has modified its wheel drop to incorporate hydraulic trapdoors that cover the pit, enabling heating, ventilation and air conditioning units to be placed onto them for removal by forklift.

A wheel drop allows complete wheelsets to be removed or replaced without lifting the rail vehicle, helping to streamline the process. At East Ham, it will be used to change carriage wheelsets on c2c’s new fleet of five-car Class 720 Aventra trains, due in service later this year. Mechan has also ensured the design is compatible with all other fleets maintained at the depot.

Lindsey Mills, Mechan’s sales director, said: “When we received Spencer Group’s specification, we knew East Ham’s unique space constraints would prove challenging for our engineers. However, by working collaboratively with all parties involved, we have designed a bespoke solution to the potential congestion caused by undertaking two maintenance activities in one place and ensured the depot can work efficiently and effectively when the wheel drop is not in use.”


Dan Barrett, c2c’s interim engineering director, added: “This new Mechan wheel drop is an important addition to our depot facilities at East Ham. It will be essential for continued maintenance of our new Aventra units, in addition to being able to support maintenance of our existing Electrostar fleet. The introduction of this equipment will significantly increase our maintenance capability and efficiency.”

For more information about Mechan’s bespoke design and build services, telephone (0114) 257 0563, visit or follow the firm on Twitter, @mechanuk.

Quality used forklift trucks at bargain prices!

Hyster S7.00XL Used forkliftBarloworld Handling is one of the largest dealers of used forklifts in the UK offering unrivalled choice and value for any application or budget. The vast majority of forklift trucks we sell are quality Hyster trucks and come from our own rental fleets giving you real peace of mind that they have been expertly maintained by our own technicians from new.

Our Que and QUE+ used trucks are reburbished to the highest standards possible making them an excellent investment.

Hydraulic straddle stacker

Pneumatic Straddle Stacker with Fixed Forks

This pneumatic hydraulic straddle stacker is suitable to work in a Zone 1 area. The lift is powered by a pneumatic hydraulic pump. The stacker has a stainless back box and stainless clad forks.

Stacker Options

  • Manual hydraulic / battery or pneumatic hydraulic
  • Different lift heights, fixed mast or telescopic
  • Straddle or wrap-over leg configurations
  • Choice of steel or stainless construction
  • Choice of stainless finish; glass bead blasted or electro polished

Rim Grip Drum Handler

Rim Grip Drum Handler is the drum handler to choose for handling drums packed tightly together. Steel jaws gripthe rim (chimb) of the drum, allowing the drums to be picked up or set down without spaces between them. Ideal for stuffing and destuffing containers and suitable for use on rough terrain. May be used with 120 or 210 litre drums of steel, ‘L’ ring or ‘XL’ ring plastic types.

This model of rim grip drum handler is available with a mild steel frame and a zinc plated head as standard, which is suitable for most applications.

Beverage and spirits logistics


The heart of the Storage Media Project is six multi-level Pick Towers including a new Tower for the Fine Wine Room.

The pick towers are all configured as three-level structures, with the Ground Level being Carton Flow or flow rack for case picking. For this installation Beaver introduced new full-width roller track carton flow, which allows for complete flexibility and adjustability and fits directly over the front and back beams of the racking structure. The Mississippi ABC uses flowrack accommodating as many as 19 cartons deep.

STILL Presents the First Gas/Diesel Driven RX 70 Trucks with the Energy Saving Feature Blue-Q

The new RX 70 series was designed to lower costs for energy and maintenance. The compact and user friendly RX 70 is available with a diesel and a gas engine and with load capacities of 1.6/1.8 and 2.0 tonnes.

New RX 70 1,6t - 2t with Blue-Q .The intralogistics company and lift truck manufacturer Still presents new RX 70 gas/diesel trucks with lift capacities from 1.6 to 2.0 tonnes. They are suitable for demanding intralogistics tasks in narrow spaces and tough conditions operating indoors and outdoors e.g. in construction material retail, warehouses and forwarders, because they are the most compact trucks in their class.

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Materials Handling

Materials Handling

Box Trucks Mesh, Steel or Plywood four sided trolleys / trucks in many configurations / sizes
Budget Choice Trucks Cost effective Sack trucks, Rough terrain trucks, Folding trucks and Stairclimbers.
Cash & Carry Trolleys Nestable, single and multi level cash and carry barrows / trolleys
Castors Nylon, Rubber, Cast Iron and Polyurethane, Swivel, Braked and Fixed Castors
Distribution Trolleys Stack and Nest Cash and Carry Trolleys, Single, Double and Multi Container Distribution / Order Picking Trolleys
Drum Handling Steel and Plastic Drum Handling Trucks, Positioners, Stands, Spillage retainers, pallets and Safety Containers
Ergo Work Positioners Battery or Manual Ergonomic Tilting and Lifting Work Positioners
Expanding Conveyor Flexible, multi purpose expanding conveyors with telescopic legs and skatewheels or rollers
Folding Trolleys Collapsible / folding trolleys, mini movers in steel or aluminium, up to 400kg capacity.
Folding Trucks Economy and Industrial Fold Flat Aluminium and Steel Sack Trucks
Folding Workshop Cranes Mobile Folding Workshop Cranes with Hooks or Safety Catches up to 2,000kg capacity
Gas Cylinder Storage Bulk and Single Gas Cylinder Storage and Distribution Racks / Pallets
Hand Carts Hand Carts and Groundsman Carts with tubular steel frames, water resistant plywood or mesh platforms / shelves, or polyethylene containers.
Hand Drawn Trucks Light, Medium and Heavy duty four wheeled platform trolleys and balanced trucks
Hand Pallet Trucks Std Pallet Trucks and High Lift/Powered in stainless, galvanised and standard finish for Distribution and Warehouse use
Hand Winch Stackers Portable Winch Stackers and accessories up to 500kg capacity
Heavy Duty Trolleys Up to 1000kg capacity Platform and Shelf / Tray Trolleys
High Lift Pallet Trucks Battery and Manual High Lift Pallet Trucks
Industrial Trolleys Industrial Trolleys General purpose trucks, Two tier budget workshop trolleys, Turntable platform truck, Three tier budget workshop trolleys, Three tier budget workshop trolley
Lifting Gear Chain Hoists, Beam and Plate Clamps, Beam Trolleys, Shackles, Eyebolts and Chain Slings
Lifting Slings Polyester Webbing Slings and Round slings for Safe Lifting of heavy / awkward goods
Maintenance Equipment Machinery Moving Skates and Hydraulic, Bottle, Machine Lifting Jacks
Manual / Powered Lifting Manual or powered lifting / handling equipment with loads of options for the lifting rolls, drums, boxes, even white goods.
Mechanical Stackers Portable Loaders and Winch Stackers up to 250kg Capacity
Mobile Scissor Tables Scissor Tables and Lifting tables on Trolleys for work positioning and Manual Handling
Modular Trolleys Platform only or two, three, four sided mesh or solid variations you choose
Pallet Rotators Pallet Rotators, free turning pal disc pallet turntable ramped edged for easy access ideal for use in space confined areas
Plastic Base Trolleys Reinforced Plastic based Trolleys with ends, shelves and various options
Platform Trolleys Folding, Extending and Modular Steel, Aluminium, Timber Platform Trolleys with many options
Powered Pallet Trucks Walk behind powered pallet trucks up to 3000kg
Powered Stackers Power Driven and Battery operated Lift Stacker, Counterbalanced compact Trucks
Roll Containers Demountable, Nesting and Security Mesh Mobile Wire Roll Containers with 1-4 sides and shelves
Roller Conveyors Gravity controlled Roller Conveyor Systems and accessories
Sack Trucks Steel and Aluminium Sack Trucks / Stairclimber Trucks of all types for use in any kind of materials handling application
Scissor Lifts Powered Single and Double Vertical Scissor Lifting and Tilting Tables all CE marked
Shelf Trolleys Single to Five Shelf Open and Enclosed storage / transport Shelving / Tray Trolleys and Carts
Special Purpose Trucks Rough Terrain, 3 in 1 Multi use trucks, Chair and Appliance Sack Trucks
Stackers Battery powered stackers, Manual stackers, power driven and lift or manual push and lift, walk behind stackers 500kg - 1200kg capacities
Stairclimber Trucks Powered and Manual Stairclimber Trucks and Vehicle Loaders
Table Top Carts Standard mobile Trolleys with work surface and shelves below
Tray Trolleys Canteen, Storage, Order Picking and Post Tray Trolleys
Warehouse & Retail Trolleys Trolleys and long load barrows for transporting of panels, boards, and general heavy items around your warehouse or retail outlet
Weighing Pallet Trucks Pallet Trucks with built in Weighing Scales
Wheels & Rollers Solid / Cushion tyre wheels and pallet truck rollers with and without bearings
Work Positioners Tilting, Adjustable Positioners for Pallets and bulky items
Workstands & Load Movers Steel tilting and adjustable height mobile work stands / positioners, Hydraulic load shifters for bulky / heavy item moving

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