Henkel’s ever popular Solutions Guide has been updated and includes comprehensive details about some 170 products from the Loctite and Teroson ranges.  Not only are the product details featured but, helpfully, the brochure also how they can be used to solve a wide range of engineering problems.

Belzona Products make Cars Fly!

On Friday 29th January 2010 Belzona, a global manufacturer of protective coatings and polymer repair composites proved their faith in their products by ‘flying’ a top of the range Mercedes SL500 AMG class 2 metres over another Mercedes S class by a joint bonded with Belzona product.


Solder PastesThe EFD advanced solder pastes help improve your soldering applications. The paste is conveniently packaged in syringes,cartridges, jars and flex packs. Its unique features include:

Precise, clean and reliable soldering; Manual and automated dispensing systems; No work, no reject and Compatible with all reflow process.


Fastening SolutionsThe Fastening & Assembly Solutions Exhibitions are specialist niche events that tend to reflect the health of the UK manufacturing industry

Penloc - Essential Tools for The Maintenance Engineers Toolbox

Penloc Metal BondingPenloc Thread Lockers, Penloc Retaining Compounds and Penloc Structural Adhesives are essential tools in any engineers tool box. Eurobond Adhesives Ltd offer a range of high performance anaerobic and 2-part toughened acrylic  bonding solutions that are specifically designed for the engineering & maintenance sectors.

Penloc ZT Threadlocker is a low strength thread locker that is a yellow acrylate designed to work in temperatures ranging from -55

Go With The Flow!

ContiflowThe Reinhardt-Technik range of


ElecolitEurobond Adhesives Ltd have launched a new addition to their electrically conductive range of adhesives. Elecolit 3653 is a single component silver filled, highly flexible and solvent free electrically conductive epoxy adhesive. This unique flexibility makes it ideal for applications that are subject to vibration or rapid temperature changes and thermal shock. Elecolit 3653 can be thermally cured in five minutes at 150


Cartesian Dispensing RobotIntertronics are market leaders in the provision of adhesives and related products to many industries and so were particularly interested in a recent aerospace application. Trials at product partner I&J Fisnar related to a proven method of automatically applying conformal coating to PCB areas surrounding contacts that may be sensitive to possible spray contamination. The trials used an I&J Fisnar Dispensing Robot complete with a brush applicator and suitable valve system.

Intertronics were pleased to note that trials for an in-flight PCB conformal coating application proved that applying the coating material by a robot-controlled precision brush, fed by an I&J Fisnar valve, improved quality, reduced setup time, gave repeatable results and saved $75,000 in systems costs.

Structural Adhesives for Engineers

ImageStructural bonding as an alternative to mechanical fixing, riveting or welding has become increasingly popular amongst engineers in recent years. New technical advances and the development of new bonding solutions have dramatically improved the performance of structural adhesives. These improvements have led to a reduction in the time it takes to repair plant and machinery, manufacture goods, and improve finished end products. All of these benefits have contributed to the dramatic take up of structural adhesives particularly in the metal, plastics, composites and wood bonding applications.