Why Slips, Trips and Falls Don’t Care If You’re ‘Careful’

hes oct 19 24Slips, trips and falls are often seen as a common sense issue, if they’re thought about at all. Pay attention, don’t be stupid, look where you’re going - in other words, keep your wits about you, and you should be smart enough to avoid any danger. What few realise is the extent to which slips, trips and falls forego logic, and make a mockery of common sense solutions. (Read More)

At the forefront of safety footwear

hes oct 19 23Simon Ash, UK Sales Manager at HAIX explores the history of safety shoes and how protective footwear has evolved.

Then vs. now

The history of safety boots can be traced back to the 20th century. Before this time it was was cheaper and faster to replace the injured workers than to introduce safety measures or provide personal protective equipment (PPE). It was the introduction of liability insurance costs that made larger corporations (Read More)

Large Digital Displays allow you to share important real-time information with your team.

If you need to share visual information with your team in an ATEX environment, here are some values you can now show:

Synchronised Time HH:MM or HH:MM:SS, Safety Messages,  Temperature, Pressure, Weight, Flow Rate, Bake Time, OEE, Down Time,  Takt Time, Vehicle Licence Plates, Humidity, Total, RPM, Loading Bay information, machine status etc.


hes mar 18 19 2For hazardous applications such as establishing the health of electrical components at a substation, the ability to measure temperature accurately over a distance is critical.  Achieving this depends on several factors and two of the most important are the resolution of the detector and the chosen camera lens.

You can compare resolution to human eyesight. If you have 20/20 vision, you can define the smallest letters at the greatest distance and that’s the equivalent using an infrared camera with a high-resolution detector. A low-resolution detector is the same as a person whose sight is low on the visual acuity scale. The vision is improved by glasses and in the case of the IR camera by adding a magnifying glass to optically reduce its distance from the target.

Nationwide Platforms Chooses Elis for Protective Workwear and Washroom Services

The UK leader in powered access hire for working at height, Nationwide Platforms, has chosen Elis to supply, maintain and launder protective workwear for its engineers, as well as to provide washroom and mats services.

Nationwide Platforms was already being supplied by Berendsen when it was bought by Elis. Now the company has renewed its contract with Elis after being impressed by the business benefits that the new company structure, procedures and technology can deliver.

The importance of ARC Flash clothing

arc oct 19 1ARC flash clothing is being increasingly needed due to the rise in ARC flash hazards becoming more of a risk in many workplaces. Due to the high demand of electricity and power that we continue to use in our daily lives, it is important that electrical workers are full equipped to deal with an ARC flash hazard event should it occur in the workplace.

Don’t play with fire – Arc Flash safety markings explained

When it comes to industrial safety, all of us understand the importance of wearing a hard hat, protective gloves or steel toe-capped boots. In fact, most employers wouldn’t dream of letting their teams on-site without adequate protection, and workers themselves are more than clued up when it comes to the latest safety requirements. However, the same can’t be said when it comes to the potentially fatal risk posed by Arc Flash – a relatively misunderstood, but extremely common type of electrical explosion facing sectors from utilities to industrial electrical, civil engineering and rail. Mark Lant, technical sales manager at ProGARM, explains just what an Arc Flash is, and what to look for to ensure your workforce is protected from the potentially fatal danger.


12-05 08Lone Workers can enjoy ATEX compliant protection

Legislation does not prohibit lone working in a general sense, but companies and organisations must conduct a risk assessment covering the activities of all employees, including lone workers. Since the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act of 2007, companies and organisations can be found guilty of corporate manslaughter as a result of serious management failures resulting in a gross breach of duty of care.

Don’t Forget Your Lone Workers

12-05 07Peter Swan, MD of SBES, examines an often-overlooked issue

Lone working, which often takes place in isolated areas or at unsocial times, occurs across many different sectors including construction, labs, refineries, warehouses and data/server rooms. Safety of lone workers is vital for businesses, and employers have a responsibility to protect these workers, yet lone worker safety is an area that is often forgotten or neglected.

Lone Worker Protection – The Current Landscape

12-05 06Peter Swan, MD of SBES, examines an often-overlooked issue

Lone working, which often takes place in isolated areas or at unsocial times, occurs across many different sectors including construction, labs, refineries, warehouses and data/server rooms. The Office of National Statistics estimates that there are around six million lone workers in the UK.