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Off the Clock: Expert Discusses Pharmaceutical Dust Collection for Containment

camfil-5-2014David Steil, Pharmaceutical Market Manager for Camfil Farr APC, discusses safe collection and containment of dust in the pharmaceutical industry. Learn how David (formerly a customer!) helped develop the Camtain®, an industry designed, surrogate tested dust collection solution for fire explosivity.



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Clean Air Rocks

camfil-4-2014Got dust or fumes in your workplace? Hold on because you're about to take a virtual ride and fly through a Gold Series industrial dust collector. See how it works and how it can help you clean up your factory by watching this dust collector video.



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Case Study - Capturing Spices and Ingredients at Nestlé Prepared Foods

camfil-3-2014The Nestlé Prepared Foods Company located in Jonesboro, Arkansas required containment of airborne spices and other food ingredients during their production process. Watch how the installation of a set of Farr Gold Series® industrial dust collectors continues to capture the airborne spices and other food ingredients and never allows them to fill the room.



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Dust Testing - Laboratory Capabilities Video

camfil-2-2014This is an overview of the dust testing laboratory capabilities at Camfil Farr Air Pollution Control headquarters in Jonesboro, AR. The discussion of dust sample analysis includes topics such as proper dust sampling and physical properties of the dust that are evaluated. What's the difference between "adhesion" and "cohesion?" The lab publishes a report of test results, recommendations for collector and filter media types for dry dusts including washable media cartridges for potentially sticky dusts. A look at the lab tools includes the microscope, ASHRAE 52.2 Test Duct, Pycnometer and special abrasion testing apparatus. Dust testing prior to equipment selection is important to ensure a successful operation.



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Dust and Fume Collection Capabilities Video

camfil-1-2014Overview of Camfil Farr Air Pollution Control. We are a manufacturer of industrial dust collectors and fume collection equipment. This video explores our mission, focus markets, Gold Series® flagship dust collector, HemiPleat® and DuraPleat® filters, dust testing lab capabilities, application engineering and product support teams, portable trailers for on-site demonstrations and more.



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High-Level Language Programming with MATLAB

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Bill Wong of Electronic Design magazine talks with Kenneth Karnofsky at MathWorks about MATLAB, a high-level language and interactive environment that enables you to perform computationally intensive tasks faster than with traditional programming languages.

Hosted by: Bill Wong Videography by: Terry Knight Edited by: Terry Knight