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HSE inspection campaign sheds light on health and safety issues in South Yorkshire

Pratley stands firm with international and local market growth

Protecting the science of tomorrow: VOC detection technology for University of Nottingham School of Chemistry

Belzona Adds First Ever Epoxy Structural Adhesive to its Polymeric Portfolio


Latest HES Articles

HSE inspection campaign sheds light on health and safety issues…

HSE inspection campaign sheds light on health and safety issues in South Yorkshire Twenty-two inspectors inspected 71 business in Sheffield and Rotherham. 65 per cent of business inspected were found…

HSE inspection campaign sheds light on health and…

HSE inspection campaign sheds light on health and safety issues in South Yorkshire Twenty-two inspectors inspected 71 business in Sheffield…

Pratley stands firm with international and local market growth

Exports showed significant growth for Pratley in 2021, with new distributors appointed in Europe and the Middle East. “Companies that can offer quality, innovative products at good ex-store service levels…

Pratley stands firm with international and local market…

Exports showed significant growth for Pratley in 2021, with new distributors appointed in Europe and the Middle East. “Companies that…

Belzona Adds First Ever Epoxy Structural Adhesive to its Polymeric…

Since Belzona’s inception in 1952, the company has been committed to pioneering innovative protective coatings and repair composites that meet the maintenance demands found across numerous application areas in a…

Belzona Adds First Ever Epoxy Structural Adhesive to…

Since Belzona’s inception in 1952, the company has been committed to pioneering innovative protective coatings and repair composites that meet…

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Convenient Filming and Photographing in ATEX Zone 2: The New ARMADEX OZC Explosion Proof Camera…

In recent years, a lot of connectivity and smart solutions have been introduced in the ATEX zones. For example Wi-Fi systems, LoRa (driving innovations in industry 4.0) and explosion proof smartphones. However, digital cameras where long left behind. The available products suffered low specifications and were very clunky. Ex-Machinery is proud to solve these issues by introducing their new ATEX Zone 2 Camera.

Specifications & Benefits

The Armadex OZC is capable of taking very high quality images that would not be matched by the latest smartphone. The lightweight, rugged camera features 4K filming (the resolution of a modern flatscreen tv) and 4x slow-motion.

The OZC is extra suitable for using on site, because it comes with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). This technology ensures that the video is stable, even when walking around. This makes for a much clearer and more professional image.

When inspecting sites or conducting maintenance, some parts may be hard to reach. The 5x optical zoom feature ensures lossless zooming both in videos and photographs. In addition to that the camera is equipped with a 2x digital zoom function, making for a total of 10x zoom whilst maintaining great image quality.

Applications and Industries

The Armadex OZC may be used in ATEX Zone 2 (gas). Do not charge the device or change the memory card in the Zone. The camera suits the following applications and industries:


  • Inspections of sites and machinery
  • Remote surveillance using the remote camera shooting function
  • Maintenance logs
  • Shooting promotion material
  • Communication between employees (wireless image transfer)
  • Inspecting moving parts with slow motion video function
  • Stabilized filming when walking and working (OIS Function)

Industries & Common use places

  • Oil & Gas
  • LNG Tankers
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Paint shops
  • Battery rooms
  • Chemical industry
  • Biomass Plants
  • Power Generation


The Armadex OZC comes with a USB charger and EU plug. Other plugs are available on request.  The battery is removable. The OZC comes with 80MB internal memory and an external memory card. Armadex also offers a rugged carrying case in which the camera and charger may be stored safely.

Comparison Table of ATEX Camera

Key Specifications & Features

Armadex OZC

Other Brands


16.4 MP

5.0 MP








Up to 4 times


Remote camera shooting




5 Times Optical, Lossless


Optical Image Stabilization




ATEX Camera vs. Smartphone?

ATEX Smartphones have become more popular in recent years. It is recommended to use the Armadex OZC over a smartphone if:

  • You require high quality images
  • You require high quality video
  • You need a product that is truly rugged
  • Your imaging device is shared by multiple employees


Currently Armadex does not rent out the Armadex OZC in any country or region. The OZC fits any ATEX Rental company’s portfolio well. Interested companies may reach out to us using the contact form on the website.


The Armadex ATEX OZC comes with 1 year carry-in warranty. After inspection a new camera will be shipped free of charge, if our experts conclude that the defect was due to a manufacturing fault.

Availability, delivery time

Please be aware that ATEX is mainly used in the EU. We ship our products worldwide. You may expect to receive your camera within 2 weeks after placing your order, depending on your location.






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Protection against electrostatic hazards for tank trucks during the loading process

How are the electrostatic hazards generated and how to prevent the danger effectively?

Background information

Over time, various accidents caused by ignition, were recorded during the loading of tank trucks. For example, over 250 accidents were recorded between 1960 and 1981 in the USA and Germany. The accident rate is reducing. These accidents are all related to static Electricity, or more precisely, uncontrolled electrostatic discharge. In many accidents, although measures against electrostatics were established, uncontrolled discharge was still found to be the ignition source, after investigation.

Generation of electrostatic charge

Two surfaces in close contact (liquid/liquid or liquid/solid) will generate an electrical double layer (EDL) when they are moving relative to each other. As a result of the physical separation of the surfaces, the electrical charge separation will lead to electrostatic charging. The static electric charging rate will be increased as the speed of interface separation increases.

If the recombination of the electric charges is not possible, or when the charges cannot be dissipated, or the charges dissipate too slowly, the charges generated during the process will remain and accumulate on the surface.

Typical situations in loading operations include flowing, mixing, pouring, pumping, filtering or agitating materials, where there is forceful charge separation.

The following mechanisms lead to the accumulation of electrostatics during truck loading:

  • product flow through filters and screens
  • product flow through pipes or hoses
  • splash during loading
  • multiphase flow

The real danger arises through uncontrolled electrostatic discharge. After the potential difference between the two surfaces reaches 3 kV/mm, discharge in the form of a spark with enormous energy can easily ignite hydrocarbon products.

What can we do to protect the loading process from the hazards of static electricity?

Prevention of electrostatic hazards during truck loading

The answer is simple: prevent the accumulation of electrostatic charges on the loading equipment and tank trucks during the process and dissipate the static charges in time before they reach the limit.

According to the German Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances, practical and effective methods to prevent the accumulation of static electricity are:

  • limit the filling speed (decreasing the speed of separation)
  • avoid splashing of liquid
  • prevent gas bubbles
  • avoid a second, immiscible phase (e.g. water in the bottom of the container)

Increasing the dissipation of static charges can also be achieved by: 

  • increase the conductivity of the liquids (with additives)
  • leave sufficient time for the relaxation of the electrostatic charge during the process
  • dissipation of static electricity by grounding all conductive components

Some of the methods can be applied forcibly in an organizational way, e.g. by limiting the filling speed or not including different products in the same tank. There are still some more methods which are regarded as uneconomical or inefficient, like leaving enough time for the relaxation of static.

Theoretically, spark discharge can be easily avoided by simply grounding all conductive parts. However, experience shows that the safe grounding of all conductive parts in practice is not always that easy to ensure. This applies in particular to mobile objects that have to be grounded again and again by the staff, such as tank trucks. How to ensure a reliable and effective grounding of the tank truck?

Reliable grounding monitoring system

According to the IEC TS 60079-32-1: a grounding cable should be connected to the truck before any operation is carried out. To ensure the grounding of tank trucks, TRGS recommends a ground monitoring system (with interlock equipment) that blocks the loading or unloading process when the grounding cable is not connected or not working appropriately.

It is further recommended by IEC TS 60079-32-1 that the system should be capable of differentiating between the truck and other metal objects. This type of system can prevent operators from connecting the grounding system to objects that may be electrically isolated from the truck’s container.

The main difference between the tank trucks and the

metallic objects are their electrical properties. Tank trucks are not purely resistive. A typical tank truck nowadays has an electrical capacity and resistance. To fulfil the recommendation from the IEC TS 60079-32-1, the grounding device should be able to measure the impedance of the object. It should be capable of distinguishing between proper truck grounding and metallic parts on the gantry. It should also be able to identify the grounding connection, if the operator inadvertently connects the system to an insulated part on the truck.

The quality of the connection should be also evaluated continuously during the loading / unloading process, to ensure that the generated static charge is dissipated. Signals should be sent by the system to the control system to terminate the process, if the grounding connection is not sufficient. Meanwhile, it should also be able to indicate an unsafe situation to the operator with a light signal.

Additional safety thanks to object recognition

A modern grounding system such as  TIMM‘s Grounding Control Device EKX-4 provides an object recognition function to detect the tank truck. This function prevents manipulation by connecting the clamp to other metallic parts. To realize this recognition function, the impedance (resistance and capacitance) of the connected object is measured.


Assessment Update


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The New C.K Magma Pro Tool Case Plus – A Place for Every Tool and Every Tool in its Place!

ems vid 19 5Following the success of its range of premium tool cases, C.K Magma has launched the Pro Tool Case Plus (MA2640), the ultimate bag to organise and protect tools. 

Perfect for use by professionals in industrial environments, this premium tool bag offers some great benefits. 

Working with professional tradesmen gives C.K Magma valuable insight into what works best and, as a result, the C.K Magma Pro Tool Case Plus offers the latest vertical tool storage facility.  This helps save on cost, by protecting valuable tools from dirt, damage or loss, saves valuable time by combining efficient toolkit organisation with highly accessible tool storage and provides a quick visual highlight of missing tools – vital in safety critical environments.

Designed to make every professional tradesman’s job that much easier, the C.K Magma Pro Tool Case Plus offers a range of fantastic features and benefits. 

For example, this innovative tool case features over 60 vertical storage pockets and holders, providing a place for every tool, easy access and the best organisation of valuable tools.