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Newson Gale Ltd
Omega House, Private Road Number 8
United Kingdom

For over 30 years, Newson Gale has been leading the way in hazardous area static grounding control, serving industries where processes generating static electricity have the potential to ignite flammable or combustible atmospheres.
In many branches of industry, hazardous (explosive) atmospheres exist due to the presence of flammable liquid vapours, gases, dusts and fibres, making it vital to eliminate all potential ignition sources; static electricity being perhaps the most insidious of them all. Static electricity is generated by virtually all operations and processes involving movement. Fires and explosions can occur as a result of uncontrolled static discharge from plant, people and materials, commonly resulting in civilian injuries and fatalities, as well as significant financial losses in direct property damage and plant downtime.
To help control these risks, Newson Gale offers a wide range of static grounding and bonding equipment which is made to provide optimum safety in explosive atmospheres and other hazardous operating environments.

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