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easy tube load stackA special peristaltic pump, designed and manufactured by Verder Autoclude is an important component in a haemodynamic monitoring system from the LiDCO Group.  This purpose designed, portable pump has unique features including single handed occlusion release.Monitoring key cardiovascular parameters is of critical importance to patient outcome.

In tandem with blood pressure and oxygen delivery, cardiac output is one of these vital indicators.  It is the volume of blood pumped through the heart per minute and has been a difficult parameter to measure.  Prior to the LiDCO system the cardiac output was usually determined with a special haemodynamic monitoring device in the form of a long catheter which is introduced into an artery in the neck, chest or groin and advanced through the heart to the pulmonary artery.

Improving the life of hydraulic pumps, fans and blowers

ImageBy monitoring the vibrations from critical components inside a hydraulic pump, fan, blower or compressor, companies can improve their plant efficiencies, eliminate production downtime and increase the operating life and reliability of plant equipment, says Ian Taylor of Corus Northern Engineering Services (CNES).Although the cost of a component inside a hydraulic pump, such as a rolling element bearing, rotor or fastener, is often very small compared to the total cost of the pump, the cost of production downtime and any consequential losses as a result of a component failure, are often significant.

For a processing plant, the typical cost of production downtime can equate to hundreds of thousands of pounds per day. Lost production in a paper mill, for example, equates to around

New direct-acting solenoid improves flow with low power

70 seriesEnergy and fuel conservation has been one of the worlds most talked about topics for a number of years. Whether it be the need to conserve fuel and increase the MPG from your car, or simply turning off the lights and appliances when you go to bed to save energy, companies, organisations and governments the world over are all pushing efficiency initiatives and their green credentials. This drive has stimulated the growth of innovations for UK based manufacturer Midland-ACS.

Utilising research into the marketplace and assessments of client demands their new 70 series valve has been engineered to provide customers with higher flow rates, while at the same time consuming less power than both traditional solenoids and competitor valves alike. Using 316 stainless steel in the body construction to offer maximum internal and external protection from liquid and gases the 70 series is a direct-acting 3/2 hazardous area solenoid valve for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Connectors enable installation and maintenance of electrical equipment in hazardous areas without a

eXLink rangeFor process manufacturing companies, the replacement, repair, servicing and maintenance of electrical equipment that is located within a potentially explosive atmosphere, is often time consuming and costly.Today, around 65% of all electrical maintenance carried out is corrective action and 35% is preventive. With preventive maintenance, more than 50% of all apparatus serviced is not actually broken.

Before any electrical apparatus

Emco heavy-duty level switches from PVL compatible with Solartron Mobrey switches.

PVL SwitchJust announced by Pressure Vacuum Level Ltd is a new range of top-quality industry standard heavy duty level switches that is totally compatible with and is a cost-effective replacement for Solartron Mobrey heavy duty level switches.  PVL supplies all necessary flanges, gaskets and fitting kits to make replacement straightforward. 

The Emco side-entry heavy duty level switch, available from PVL at only

Ultrananocrystalline Diamond Can Improve Seal Performance

Fig 1Through extensive R&D and the advent of improved equipment and processes, nature


Dispensing ValveThe simple pneumatic dispensing machine is generally low cost and almost ubiquitous. They improve the application of materials like single part adhesives, coatings, sealants and inks, by enhancing a manual process to one which is more controlled and repeatable, while health and safety benefits include less mess, less exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals and fewer RSI issues.

These systems work by filling an industrial syringe or barrel with the liquid material. Pulses of air then push the liquid out of the other end, usually through a dispensing needle or tip. The quantity dispensed can be varied by the size of the needle orifice (from as small as 0.15mm), the pressure applied and the time of the air pulse triggered by footswitch, finger switch or automation. They may be hand-held or mounted on positioning robots or rotary tables.

Less than 1% variance is often easily achievable, and 0.1% not uncommon. Digital timers further improve accuracy.

Biofuel refinery mixing aided through precise dosing control

ImageWith the Kyoto protocol due to be renewed next month and road vehicles contributing to four-fifths of the total emissions in the UK that apply to transport - transport as a whole makes up a quarter of the UK

Midland-ACS enhances its green credentials

Mid 32 UK manufacturer Midland-ACS as part of an ecology product drive has extended its water hydraulic valve range

With governments and organisations the world over pursuing ways to reduce emissions in power generation, one of the oldest but most favoured methods of generation is experiencing a resurgence as of late. Producing essentially no carbon dioxide or other harmful emissions, and not significantly contributing to global warming through CO2, hydroelectric power at present supplies about 715,000 MW
or 19% of world electricity (16% in 2003), and more large dams are still being built, 10 of which will be in China, the worlds biggest hydroelectric power producer.

As part of their ongoing work on hydroelectric projects worldwide, UK manufacturer Midland-ACS has extended their range of Stainless Steel Water Hydraulic control valves for use on Hydro-Electric Power Plants.

A sensible preventative maintenance program for centrifugal pumps

Centrifugal pumpsTRY TO INSTALL CONSTANT MONITORING. With proper instrumentation you can tell:

If the fluid in the stuffing box is about to change state and fail the mechanical seal. It could vaporize. It could solidify. It could crystallize. It could become viscous. It could build a film on the sliding surfaces and between the lapped faces.The differential pressure between the suction and the discharge can tell you how far you are operating the pump from its best efficiency point (BEP).

The suction pressure can tell you if cavitation is about to begin.Comparing flow to amperage can tell you if you need an impeller adjustment.Comparing flow to amperage can tell you if the wear rings need replacing. A probe in the bearing case or an infra red light can tell you if the bearing temperature is too high. A drop in capacity with no change in amperage consumption could tell you the open impeller needs adjusting.