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ROTAFLOW FV LIMITED manufacture a range of Swivel Joints and Loading Arms used to transfer fluid (under pressure without leakage) from a static point to a moving container.

Specialists in liquid handling production and processing

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APS are able to offer the food and beverage industry a reliable and quality service, encompassing all areas of liquid handling production and processing.

Our extensive experience allows us to offer a wide range of high quality proven solutions. We pride ourselves on our first-class service and technical support - attention to detail is our hallmark.


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Fouling of RO membranes is a constant problem and gives rise to increased energy costs and the need to use environment damaging chemicals, fouling also gives  reduced yield from the RO plant .. all of which are problems for the  RO plant operator.

ASCO Numatics announces low maintenance stainless steel cylinders for extreme conditions

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ASCO Numatics introduces a new generation of stainless steel cylinders specifically designed to withstand the extreme conditions experienced in the food industry. Quick and easy to install, CIX cylinders feature stainless steel covers, tube and rod, no retention areas and a special front cover design. They are suitable for use in saline or lactic environments which are subject to frequent wash-downs using cleaners and active detergents.


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RHPS series high flow pressure-reducing and back-pressure regulators are now available across the globe through authorized Swagelok sales and service centers. Swagelok acquired RHPS B.V., now operating as Swagelok B.V., in April 2010 as part of its strategy to broaden product and services for fluid system customers around the world.


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The new atomising nozzles from miniature component specialists LEE PRODUCTS are designed to generate a 50° cone spray pattern and offer precise, controlled atomisation in the most compact package. They are available in both airless and air-assisted styles with multiple flow ranges and are designed to be installed directly onto a Lee VHS micro-dispense valve for precise flow control using pulse-width modulation (PWM).

Alfa Laval go mobile with sludge dewatering

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Sludge dewatering specialists, Alfa Laval, have recently converted a standard ISO container into a mobile dewatering rig for trial and test purposes.

Equipped with the latest Alfa Laval decanter centrifuge technology, the mobile rig is capable of dewatering 40 cubic metres of sewage sludge per hour. It comes equipped with its own diesel-powered generator and an integral liquid polymer make-up system. It can also be adapted to work with powder polymer for short periods for test purposes and can also be wired into a 160 amps mains supply, if required, for a longer period. An on-board, retractable screw conveyor transports the dried sludge into a feed hopper or main conveyor system.

ATEX certificated FLOAT SWITCHES from jbj Techniques Limited

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ATEX certificated FLOAT SWITCHES and THERMOSTATS from jbj Techniques Limited

Float switches types 1E-AN1 and 1E-AN2

Connecting head made in cast steel according to European standards EN 50014, EN 50018 EEX DII CT 6 [zone 1](alternative specification available on request) as covered by certificates CESI AD 82.072. Suitable for hazardous environments where the saturation of gaseous vapours or substances that combine in air are liable to cause explosions. i.e. in the chemical, pharmaceutical or dye industries, oil rigs, etc.

Chemical hoses from Masterflex AG – a guarantee for long service lives

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Where conventional hoses quickly harden, become brittle or even disintegrate and therefore lose their functionality when sucking up aggressive fumes, Master-Clip TEFLON H® hoses from Masterflex AG achieve extremely long service lives.  
In chemical plants, in paint mist extraction, in the lacquer, timber and paper industry, in the pharmaceutical industry: The extraction of aggressive, gaseous media is a great challenge everywhere. Unsuitable, conventional products are often used so that the life of the hoses is unsatisfactorily short.

ASME standard PTC 19-3 for thermowells undergoes a major revision

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ASME standard PTC 19.3 for thermowells undergoes a major revision

Companies that source thermowells for oil, gas and petrochemicals applications will now need to consult the new, revised ASME PTC 19.3 (2010) standard, which has just undergone its first major revision in more than 35 years. This is likely to encourage engineers to seek out better, alternative, more innovative thermowell designs for process pipelines.