Faster, better, safer – how digital products transform our work life

The modern employee is increasingly working in an agile environment. This also includes the workplace. Access to all relevant information and data while working from home, out of the office, inside the factory or on the factory premises is necessary.

In order to support tasks optimally and to be an innovation driver for customers, ECOM focuses on the continuous development of its portfolio consisting of mobile devices, accessories as well as digital products and services. Employees are supported and effectively secured by the offered products, while companies save time and resources thanks to an individually tailored mobile worker concept from a single source.

Innovations and holistic solutions in mobile computing and communication technologies help companies to increase their productivity, improve the quality of their data as well as accelerate and optimize decision-making. Mobile devices can be used to implement complex systems that make the daily work of mobile workers easier. Enterprise mobility also supports new business models and processes within the industry 4.0 evolution. For this reason ECOM develops products and systems that interact seamlessly with each other to provide the best possible user experience. But the portfolio is not limited to interlink only with each other. It is possible to use ECOM’s digital products and services on a wide variety of mobile devices by different suppliers. Therefore, it is easy to adapt digital services onto an already existing infrastructure.

ECOM is an experienced supplier of digital infrastructure for industrial and hazardous areas with an experience of 35 years in supplying hardware.

Digital products support businesses of all sizes 

More and more small and medium-sized companies are using company-owned mobile devices. Here they mainly serve as communication tools. However, they can also be used as digital hub or for lone worker protection. In doing so smartphones and tablets are issued not only within a single location, but worldwide. The management of the increasingly large number of devices is therefore often associated with great effort. This ties up valuable resources, especially in small and medium-sized companies.

For these companies, a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system must above all be easy to implement and require little time in daily use. A central device management not only saves a lot of time for maintenance but also guarantees uniform data and security management. In this manner even subcontractors can be easily integrated into a company's security standards. 

Optimise processes, protect employees 

The MDM solution by ECOM, a Pepperl+Fuchs brand, is suitable for large and small companies alike. It is an instant-on solution that can be implemented without major IT effort. This makes the administration of mobile devices within a company more efficient and secure. Setting up, managing, tracking, and configuring the devices can be done from a central platform with a single click, without the IT department to take control of every single device and set them up individually. This saves resources and time without having to renounce a unified and secure infrastructure.

Device setup is highly efficient using standard jobs and policies. Required apps and settings can be deployed centrally on the devices with one single click. All updates are automatically transferred to the tablet or smartphone via an existing online connection. This also applies to WLAN, e-mail, and VPN settings. Apps provided by their company can be downloaded by users via the company's app store. In case of an irregularity, all devices can be locked and reset remotely at any time, ensuring the security of confidential company data.