Business Improvement Seminar 2008

Venue: Warrington Holiday Inn Date:   Wednesday 20th February from 9:00

North West Business Improvement Seminar

enhancing the performance of your people, your plant and your processes

venue:   Warrington
date:   20th February 2008

Wednesday 20 February 2008
The seminar will consist of 3 different workshops.  Delegates can select the workshop they wish to attend.  Each Workshop will be approx 3 hours.

09.00 -  Introduction to MCP Consulting and Training 

09.30-12.30 Workshop 1 - Reducing Costs through effective asset management in a manufacturing environment
Cost reduction is no longer just about reducing staff numbers, the focus has to be how to get more with the same.  Equipment efficiency in many organisations is still very low with utilisation levels of 50-60%. 
Equipment performance is not just the responsibility of the engineer, all production staff have a role to play.  In this workshop we will consider how equipment performance can be improved, costs reduced and inefficiencies eliminated.
Workshop topics will include:

The National Fluid Power Centre

The National Fluid Power Centre is recognised by the British Fluid Power Association and approved by international companies to provide training on their behalf......


The latest editions of The Electricians Guides are now available from Technical Training Solutions.
The specialist knowledge of the staff at Technical Training Solutions is also available in a range of reference books. We produce and distribute two books which started life as course notes for our wiring regulations (C&G 2381) and inspection and testing (C&G 2391) courses. Pocket sized for ease of use, they cover the subject areas in an interesting and informative way, without unnecessary technical theory.

The books are written by experts in their fields in an easy to understand language and are complemented with drawings and illustrations.

An indispensable reference book for help and guidance on the 16th edition of the IEE

The Cost of Training vs The Cost Of Ignorance

StudentsBy David Larner CEng. Technical Training Solutions

With the accountants having the loudest voices in the board room these days, engineering training managers often find it very difficult to be heard because it is hard to put a value on training. In this article Technical Training Solutions (TTS), the Kent based Skills Company makes a case for short, practical courses that concentrate on competence.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is something accountants understand.   TTS has an extensive client list that includes companies such as Northern Foods, Glaxo Smith Kline, Rivita and Rolls Royce. They all agree that a well trained asset care team will always make a positive impact on OEE - that does improve the bottom line operating costs.

The fundamental problem all training managers face is what form of training is needed. Training is expensive, fact. But the cost of ignorance is much higher, so no one should even begin to consider what the cost of the wrong training might be.

Sira Test & Certification Ltd

Sira CertificationSira is a world leader in the conformity assessment solutions field, specialising in explosion protection of equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres (Hazardous Areas).

Already the UK

Spirax Sarco breathes new life

Spirax TrainingSpirax Sarco has solved a costly steam quality problem that persistently dogged the Centre for Life in Newcastle. The Centre

BP Talking Heads



Coryton Refinery offers four-year apprenticeships in maintenance trades (mechanical rotating, mechanical non-rotating, electrical or instrumentation) or in production, typically beginning in September. each year

The programme consists of a combination of on-job training at the refinery and external training and further education at Prospects College, Basildon & Thurrock College, Grays. Schemes vary with your choice of apprenticeship trade , but all offer you the chance to build your career in the dynamic working environment of one of the world's leading energy companies.

You'll be working with state of the art technology, alongside some of the most experienced and knowledgeable engineers in the industry, with the prospect of achieving professional qualifications and long-term job satisfaction.


Self-Study Training Programs
Six Sigma green belt and black belt certification.
University of Michigan Engineering Center for Professional Development
In addition to comprehensive class offerings, service options are available to meet diverse customer needs. ABB University Training Services can deliver the training you need at our world-class training centers, locally at your plant site, or via the Internet.
ABB NA Reliability Services
Fundamentals and principals of infrared thermography. Different levels available (informational, beginner, experienced and advanced). 30 minutes to 2 hours.
Snell Infrared

Engineering Management Schools, Degrees & Training Programs

ImageBecause modern industry requires managers who are fluent in technology and also engineers who understand business, Engineering Management schools train students in both areas. Core studies in engineering and business subjects can be applied to many different types of employment and create opportunities to work in a number of different businesses.

Many Engineering Managers work in manufacturing. You can also train to work in areas as diverse as Environmental Engineering, participating in projects to improve water and air quality, or Plant Engineering, with responsibility for the installation of equipment in industrial settings.

Engineering Management Duties
Graduates of Engineering Management schools normally expect to work in a supervisory capacity. Your duties would include managing people with differing types of expertise, and coordinating their input to bring engineering projects to a successful conclusion. You would use your good communication skills to ensure that your team worked well together, and your trained business abilities to manage projects within timescales and budgets.