North West Business Improvement Seminar

enhancing the performance of your people, your plant and your processes

venue:   Warrington
date:   20th February 2008

Wednesday 20 February 2008
The seminar will consist of 3 different workshops.  Delegates can select the workshop they wish to attend.  Each Workshop will be approx 3 hours.

09.00 -  Introduction to MCP Consulting and Training 

09.30-12.30 Workshop 1 - Reducing Costs through effective asset management in a manufacturing environment
Cost reduction is no longer just about reducing staff numbers, the focus has to be how to get more with the same.  Equipment efficiency in many organisations is still very low with utilisation levels of 50-60%. 
Equipment performance is not just the responsibility of the engineer, all production staff have a role to play.  In this workshop we will consider how equipment performance can be improved, costs reduced and inefficiencies eliminated.
Workshop topics will include:

· Current Manufacturing concerns and issues
· The importance of good asset management
· Key features of effective asset management
· Adopting a staged approach for improving performance
· Measuring plant performance
· Using Lean principles to drive improvement and reduce costs
· Self Assessment of your company’s practices
· Potential Benefits
· Case study
· Questions

9.30 -12.30 Workshop 2 – Improving business performance through
people – the key requirements

Managing continuous improvement programmes can only truly be successful when all your workforce from shop floor to top floor are engaged and committed to the improvement process. Success in today’s marketplace demands that everybody in the company is empowered to identify and eliminate waste, in order to make significant improvements in performance.
o Managing people and their motivations
o Engagement and behavioural change – Making change “stick” is the hardest part
§ Behavioural RCA using the NLP model of Logical Levels
§ Behavioural Pulling through individual alignment with the system
o Responding to individual learning and training needs and identifying the difference between the two.
o Effective team working
o Problem Solving Techniques
o Potential benefits
o Case Studies
o Question and answer session

9.30-12.30 Workshop 3 – Maintaining compliance – 17th edition electrical    regulations
  Update on 17th edition electrical regulations
Health and Safety (further details to follow)

12.30-12.45 Summary

12.45-13.45 - networking buffet lunch -

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