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Eaton adds new battery-powered emergency light option to its ExLin LED lighting range for hazardous areas

Power management company Eaton has today announced an important addition to its CEAG ExLin linear LED lighting fixtures for hazardous area applications. The new, battery-powered ExLin NE+ provides a decentralized LED solution for mandatory emergency lighting in case of power failure, in compliance with EN 60598-2-22.

Offering a safe, reliable and cost-efficient LED lighting solution for hazardous areas, the ExLin range is certified for use in Zone 1 and Zone 21. Typical applications include oil & gas and petrochemical processing facilities, as well as chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The ExLin NE+ combines lithium batteries (which are more environmentally friendly than nickel cadmium types), state-of-the-art LED technology with optimized thermal management, and a time-tested enclosure to deliver reliable performance for longer in harsh and hazardous environments.

Offering standard, narrow and wide beam illumination options, ExLin NE+ luminaires enable illumination to be tailored to the needs of the application. They are available in 3L or 5L versions, delivering approximately 1000 lm / 2000 lm for up to three hours in emergency mode. The emergency lighting cycle can be set locally for 1.5 or 3 hours. Robust and versatile, these LED lighting fixtures will work effectively in ambient temperatures ranging from -40°C to +45°C.

ExLin NE+ lighting fixtures can vary the power consumption of the entire LED module via their electronics. This enables homogeneous illumination of escape routes in accordance with the local conditions, even in the emergency lighting mode.

Installation and maintenance are significantly reduced thanks to the innovative battery design. The ExLin NE+ lithium battery has no memory effect and a more stable capacity for emergency lighting compared to standard NiCd batteries. In addition, these innovative batteries have faster charging, which means emergency lighting is fully available more quickly. Improved charging capabilities ensure a more stable and robust charging cycle, thus resulting in longer lifetime. ExLin NE+ LED lighting fixtures also incorporate Hot Swap technology, which allows an easy exchange of the battery in Ex areas without disconnecting the power.

ExLin NE+ LED lighting fixtures are equipped with integrated software that monitors the functions of the luminaire and automatically performs the prescribed function tests and quarterly, partial duty-cycle test in accordance with DIN EN 50172. A two-diode LED display shows charge and battery status for at-a-glance confirmation of operational integrity.

Ruggedized explosion-protected proximity switches with CSA approval for North America

EGE now also supplies the intrinsically safe inductive sensors IGEXa, IGEXHa, IGEXPa and IGEXUa as well as the evaluation device IKMb 122 Ex as versions certified according to CSA. The ruggedized proximity switches for metal detection are approved for use in zones 0 and 20 areas with potentially explosive atmospheres (HazLoc). They are available in M12, M18 and M30 standard designs. IGEXHa and IGEXPa are two sensors that withstand high-pressure cleaning and ambient temperatures up to 140 °C and down to -60 °C respectively. The corresponding IKMb 122 Ex evaluation device with a compact 22 mm wide DIN-rail housing for galvanic isolation and evaluation is installed in a control cabinet outside hazardous zones. Green, yellow and red LEDs on the housing front indicate the operating states of the connected proximity switch.

Pageant Intrinsically Safe Operator Panel & PLC



Pageant Intrinsically Safe Operator Panel & PLC

BEKA associates have introduced Pageant, a new intrinsically safe combined Operator Panel and Programmable Logic Controller with plug-in input and output modules allowing direct connection to hazardous area sensors. Its optional Modbus RTU port can transmit data to other equipment in the safe or hazardous area and also enables it to be used as a remote Modbus RTU display.

Pageant's state of the art, low power technology simplifies design and reduces the cost of providing operator displays and controls in a hazardous area.  Multiple variables can be displayed simultaneously, plus eight touch switches with tricolour LED indicators significantly reduce panel space requirements.  Intrinsic safety protection provides maximum safety and allows installation in almost any flammable gas or combustible dust atmosphere or Zone.

Featuring a 7 inch backlit trans-reflective display which can be read in all lighting conditions, the panel and all of the plug-in modules have Ex ia certification allowing installation in Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22.  The IECEx, ATEX and UKCA certifications permit any combination of plug-in input and output modules to be fitted to the display without the need for additional certification.  Plug-in input and output modules for interfacing 4/20mA currents, switch contacts, proximity detectors and pulse sources are already available and more are being developed for other sensors.

The PLC employs industry standard CODESYS® runtime software which complies with IEC 61131 allowing programming in five different languages.  The software includes a wealth of features and function blocks such as PID control and is supplied with a lifetime licence. CODESYS runtime software is already installed in more than 1,500 different products worldwide.  It is supported by extensive documentation, including video presentations, and will therefore already be familiar to many users.

The display, eight programmable touch buttons and eight programmable tricolour LEDs are mounted behind a 4mm thick toughened glass panel with a 316 stainless steel surround.  The IP66 front is totally flat and easy to clean, making the Operator Panel ideal for petrochemical, pharmaceutical and distilling applications.  The Operator Panel is lightweight and dissipates less than 5W making it easy to mount in instrument panels and enclosures.

Pageant Operator Panels have been designed to be powered by a BEKA Power Isolator which may be mounted in a safe area or in Zone 2.  Two models are available, the BA212 for applications in IIA, IIB gases and dust atmospheres and the BA243 for IIC gas applications.

For further information please visit or phone the BEKA sales office on +44 (0) 1462 438301


Eaton upgrades its FHF Phone range for hazardous area communications with IP4 capabilities

Power management company Eaton today announced that it is upgrading its popular FHF Phones for hazardous area communications with IP4 technology. The new Eaton FHF IP4 Phones will deliver improved functionality, as well as improved reliability and compatibility, to keep workers connected in the most extreme industrial environments.

Commenting on the upgrade, Eaton product manager Stefan Wosnitza, says: “Our industrial grade, weatherproof and explosion-proof Eaton FHF Phones are already trusted in hazardous areas in many industries, including oil & gas, chemical processing, conventional and renewable power generation and marine applications, from ports and harbours to cruise ships. They often form part of a safety-critical communications network, so it is important that they maintain the highest levels of compatibility and reliability with other essential equipment. The upgrade to IP4 delivers significant benefits for end users in this regard, as well as making phone installation and maintenance much easier.”

Enerpac Introduces Wheeled Load Skates for Factory Moves up to 70 tons

Industrial movers have a new option for moving machines and equipment in restricted spaces. The Enerpac MLS-Series wheeled load skates are a safe and stable option for machinery relocation and installation in a wide range of individual load skate capacities from 3 to 35 tons. When it comes to safety, the MLS-Series features a stable, wide footprint with padded tops for a non-slip surface.

Limited space and minimal headroom are typical challenges when moving equipment. The MLS-Series is compact. Its low-height design is ideal for minimal lift heights and to accommodate limited clearance above loads. It’s also versatile. The MLSS models provides good directional movement. Meanwhile the MLSR models feature 360-degree movement ideal for tight spaces. The easy-to-rotate turntable on MLSF models allows enhanced load manoeuvrability.

Enerpac MLS-Series Load Skates feature rugged and reliable bearings for low rolling resistance and durability and high-quality wheels (nylon - MLSR, polyurethane/optional nylon - MLSF/MLSD) for stability and damage prevention to finished floors. 

Skate Sets increase Load Capacity

The capacity of individual load skates ranges up to 35 tons. Knowing the weight of the load ensures the correct skates configuration. Enerpac can supply pre-configured sets with capacities available from 6 to 70 tons. As an example, if the load weighs 70 tons and a skate set is being used the load will be shared between the front and rear load skates. In this instance, the front and rear skates must have the capacity to handle a minimum of 35 tons each.

If requirements change extra modules and accessories are available to widen the scope for load moving jobs, for example for different sized loads, or for loads where the weight is not distributed equally.

For ease of use the MLS-Series wheeled load skates are configurable with towable or manual connecting bars and handles, depending upon model.

To learn more about the latest Enerpac tools, visit the Enerpac Innovations page on


ATEX Peristaltic Pump Saves over £200,000 in lost output of Glue Dispensing

Adhesive Handling Issues
Adhesives are available in various forms often utilising either Solvent or Water as a component to aid curing. Whilst water-based adhesives can be handled with a wide variety of materials, solvent based glues require handling differently.

Solvent based glues are a mixture of polymer based ingredients mixed with solvent. Once the glue is applied exposed to air, the solvent begins to evaporate until cured when the bond is at its strongest.

The bond is an industrial bond and once applied is difficult to break unless a chemical such as acetone is used. These types of glues are very unforgiving, flammable and also more harmful to both personnel and the environment with care needed during handling.

Safe NDT in Explosive Atmospheres

Usually, the Cygnus 1 Intrinsically Safe Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is the only choice for use in Zone 0 and Zone 1 hazardous areas. However, many locations surrounding these areas can be classified as Class 1 Division 1 and therefore don’t necessarily require the use of intrinsically safe equipment to operate there, instead these areas can use Explosion Proof (XP) equipment.

The Cygnus 6+ Pro is Explosion-Proof (XP) and offers safe operation in some explosive atmospheres: Class 1, Division 2, Group D locations only, as defined in NFPA 70, Article 500. Such locations are common in industries where hazardous zones only cover a proportion of vast production sites, including chemical plants, fuel depots, processing plants, oil and gas production facilities and mines.

Smarter Social Distancing: Casella Supports Those Returning to Work with New Orbi-Trace Smart-Tag Offer

As millions of employees begin returning to work without mandatory social distancing and mask wearing, maintaining a safe ‘new normal’ is at the front of everyone’s minds. While no longer legally required, the Government has recommended continuing to limit contact numbers, proximity and duration to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. To support those returning at work, Casella, expert manufacturer of smart monitoring technology, is offering a 20% discount on its smart wearable Orbi-Trace tag, designed to simplify social distancing and keep employees safe.


ASAP UK is among the first to follow the new process for Grade I Medical Device registration 

Changes in the law post – Brexit regarding the registration of medical devices mean manufacturers, distributors and importers must follow new rules and guidelines. ASAP UK has already created all the necessary product technical files and is working towards meeting the requirements for registration under the new law; the company aims to be among the first to achieve this. 

The Medicines and Medical Devices Act 2021, which dictates how the UK medical technology industry is regulated post – Brexit, came into effect on 1st January 2021; a key change is that the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is now solely responsible for registering medical devices for the UK market. 

Protect your Workforce from Hazardous Exposure with New Air Sampling Offer from Industry Expert Casella

It is estimated that every 30 seconds, somewhere in the world, one worker dies as a result of exposure to hazardous substances.[2] It is an employer’s duty to protect employee health through surveillance and exposure monitoring.2 Global workplace hazard monitoring expert Casella is offering a free Flow Detective™ Plus calibrator with the purchase of its VAPex Pro or Apex2 Plus/Pro kits to improve air sampling accuracy and traceability and, ultimately, keep the workforce safe.

The Flow Detective™ Plus is an electronic air flow meter calibrator, designed to measure the flow of air sampling pumps to within 2% accuracy. This robust solution can calibrate within airflows of 20mL/min to 5,000 mL/min to ensure correct flow. Compatible with Casella’s pioneering Airwave App and Bluetooth connectivity, calibration results can be sent via email, ensuring improved traceability and pump calibration procedures.