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Hygienic FDA material compliant IP66 cable entry plates for up to 32 conductors

CONTA-CLIP expands its range of KES cable entry plates, adding eight new versions made of certified food-grade material for different cable diameters and numbers of entry points. Like the existing KES solutions, the hygienic variants from the new KES-GB-FDA series enable fast and particularly space-saving routing of up to 32 non-assembled cables into control cabinets or machine housings. The plates, manufactured from a robust polyamide frame injected with elastomer, include snap-in latches for easy mounting. They are first inserted into a 36 mm x 112 mm opening from the outside of the housing and then fixed from the inside with screws. After piercing the outer membrane at marked insertion points, the cables can be easily pushed through. Conically shaped and TPE-molded sleeves on the back of the plate ensure reliable IP66 sealing and strain relief. The FDA-compliant elastomer used for the new KES-GB-FDA series meets the hygienic requirements for food approval according to 1935/2004/EC and (EU) 10/2011. The cable entry plates furthermore feature smooth surfaces, rounded corners and ECOLAB-certified material resistance to industrial cleaning agents to meet all hygiene requirements for use in the food or pharmaceutical industries.

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