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Danone Waters UK & Ireland cut operating costs

Brecon Hills, nr Swansea United Kingdom, November 2006, Danone, the worldwide manufacturer of food and beverage products, is using Parker Hannifin's innovative NitroSource nitrogen generation system to produce a consistent and controllable supply of nitrogen on-site.

The nitrogen supply is used as part of a transfer mechanism to provide an inert blanket. Perhaps most importantly, the use of the NitroSource system has enabled Danone to blanket water storage vessels in order to prevent bug growth and hazardous chemicals for fire prevention

Danone is the leader in the beverage industry with worldwide brands such as Volvic and Evian along with UK brands including Green Valley as well as a new range of flavored beverages under the brand of Shape aimed at reinforcing the healthy lifestyle ethos which Danone promotes. The Brecon Hills manufacturing facility processes 18, 000 bottles per hour through the plant, with a six man team operating the machinery per shift.

The NitroSource system is based on Parker Hannifin's hollow fibre membrane technology, which separates air into nitrogen and an oxygen-enriched air stream. The system comprises a main unit that can be expanded with the addition of a further five subunits and, thanks to a master/slave feature, up to 11 main units and their associated subunits can be combined and controlled as if they were one.

Dewpoint Measuring Device

Dewpoint Measuring DeviceDew point measuring devices detect the formation of moisture in compressed air systems

Precision Chilled Water

Designed specifically for industry, Hyperchill is the new range of precision water chillers by Hiross.

The range covers cooling capacities from 2 to 360 kW. Each model is designed for safe and reliable operation, whatever the working conditions.

Industrial processes are very diverse by nature: consequently flexibility to satisfy all industrial applications is a main feature of Hyperchill.

Thanks to sophisticated technical solutions and an extensive range of accessories, Hyperchill operates continuously and efficiently whatever the conditions. All models standardly accept water inlet temperatures up to 30


Drive CompressorsAt United Air Power we design and install energy efficient compressed air systems, from generation and treatment through to distribution and application in the workplace.
We can supply a full range of air compressors varying from 0.25 up to 670hp including oil free with diagnostic controls and cost-effective heat recovery options.

All our compressors incorporate advanced energy efficient motors which fully comply with the latest European guidelines and qualify for the Government

Oil-free Rotary Screw Compressors

Oil Free CompressorDH Series
DH Series - A Reliable and Efficient Heart
At the heart of the compressor is an innovative single screw compression element, featuring a single main rotor with 6 flutes meshing with a pair of 11 tooth gate rotors, that is proven in thousands of installations. 

Compression takes place in two chambers above and below the main rotor, as a result compression loads are balanced and bearing loads are significantly reduced. The low bearing loads extend compression element life and significantly reduce lifetime operating costs.

Water injected into the compression element provides lubrication, sealing and cooling. The superior cooling properties of water allows the compressor to operate at a low temperature providing near isothermal compression, low power consumption and class leading efficiency levels. A reverse osmosis membrane cartridge filters the injection water entering the compressor; as a result the water is always maintained at a high purity level.

The New Rotary Screw Compressor

ABAC ZenithThe Zenith Rotary Screw air compressor is a brand new concept in air compressor design. The Zenith now offers smaller users of compressed air a product with the features and benefits of larger machines, designed for industrial applications.

Patented high efficiency air end, Reduced Power consumption, Standard safety features, Low maintenance costs, Continuous duty, Automatic control, Low noise  

Product Highlights

Low maintenance costs
Maintenance is simple and economical thanks to the design which allows immediate accessibility to all service components.


Beko Technologies have recently become the joint largest shareholder in EverAir Technology GMBH. Pro-Air Engineering, a compressed air and systems provider in China and Taiwan with over 200 employees is also a partner in the deal. 

Based in Hilden, Germany, EverAir is a young and innovative company specialising in the development and construction of equipment used for compressed air and technical gas processing- in particular in the area of large adsorption dryers. 

EverAir is managed by Herbert Blauscheck and Frank Mueller, who between them have more than 50 years experience in the compressed air industry, latterly for many years working for Ultrafilter. With their expertise and experience Beko can claim to have access to the foremost authorities on adsorption drying in Germany, if not the whole of Europe. 




ImageA constant supply of oil free compressed air with a barely detectable max, residual oil content of 0.003 milligram per cubic metre - this is what the new catalyst system from compressed air specialist BEKO Technologies is able to deliver.

A constant supply of oil-free compressed air with a barely detectable max. residual oil content of 0.003 milligram per cubic metre - this is what the new catalyst system from compressed air specialist BEKO Technologies is able to deliver.

With this high level of efficiency, the BEKOKAT devices can sail past the stringent oil content stipulations of DIN EN8573-1/ ISO 8573-1, class 1. At the same time, the new catalytic principle breaks down the technical and economic barriers that are usually intrinsic to conventional compressed air treatment, especially when concerned with applications with extremely high quality requirements.

Puzzling over compressed air?

ImagePutting together the compressed air jigsaw can be a puzzling experience! Sifting through the various puzzle pieces, analysing them in turn and then trying to find their place in relation to the big picture takes time and resource.

At BOGE, we now have over 99 years of knowledge, experience and engineering excellence to provide you with the winning formula! Continual research and development is invested into creating cutting edge compressed air solutions. Our free five-year warranty gift, a first of its kind in the industry, offered on all new BOGE screw compressors further underpins the BOGE quality proposition.

Atlas Copco Airpower celebrates 50 years of success

Atlas Copco 2006-10-24

Stockholm, Sweden, October 24, 2006: This year marks 50 years since Atlas Copco made a major expansion of its compressor business and accelerated its journey towards worldwide leadership in compressed air. It is also 50 years since Atlas Copco took its current name.

In 1956, Atlas Diesel acquired compressor specialist, Arpic Engineering SA, Antwerp, Belgium. The same year, Atlas Diesel took its present-day name, Atlas Copco, an abbreviation of Compagnie Pneumatique Commerciale, thereby highlighting the company