NEW – Low-cost Indoor/Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring

At a time when air quality is never far from the news headlines, Shawcity is delighted to announce the latest multi-function environmental monitor on the UK market.

The 6-channel TSI BlueskyTM air quality monitor is a key new product as it offers simultaneous measurement of PM1, PM2.5, PM4 and PM10 mass concentrations as well as temperature and relative humidity – all in real time and a low cost.


Designed for indoor or outdoor use, BlueskyTM is a laser-based optical particle counter, ideal for monitoring indoor air quality in industrial and manufacturing facilities as well as external environmental monitoring. Typical users include health and safety professionals, air quality professionals and environmental consultants.

Lightweight and compact, the monitor is easy to install in or around any area of concern, including enclosed spaces, on a wall, pole, fence etc. It performs consistently across a wide range of humidity and temperature and is protected against rain, insects and direct sunlight. 

An Internet of Things (IoT) device, BlueskyTM offers data interfacing using WiFi and comes with a standard micro-SD memory card for duplicate storage. Cloud-based and ultra-localised, monitors work individually or a network of multiple units can be deployed to show trends and hotspots, helping to inform decisions.

The monitor provides a real-time map of live data without the need for additional software or an app. Data sharing can be set to private, or can be accessed publicly on the platform via a log-in. With self-diagnostics, it can also notify the user of poor sensor performance while maintaining data integrity.

PM sensors are designed to easily be replaced in the field. The old sensor can be removed and the replacement simply slides into place. The lifespan of the sensor will vary depending on the concentration levels in any given area, but the manufacturer recommends they are replaced every 12 months.

The instrument is also designed to house four additional sensors for measuring gas concentrations, such as NO2, Ozone and TVOCs. When these sensors are released in the near future, the manufacturer will arrange to convert your existing monitor to also measure gases if required.

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