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Hydratight takes heat out of Industrial Complex maintenance shutdown

Portable Mirage milling machine technology ensured accurate metal-to-metal sealing for vessel covers and heat exchangers during maintenance work by specialty mechanical services company, Hydratight, at an industrial complex in Germany during the plant’s annual shutdown. A team of 40 Hydratight engineers from Germany, Holland, France, and the UK, operating under COVID-19 restrictions, was tasked with lifting vessel covers, performing on-site machining and controlled bolting on a number of vessels and heat exchanger joints, within the 45 day shutdown.

The Hydratight engineers reviewed and replaced bolts on vessel covers and heat exchangers. Hydratight has on-demand access to Enerpac bolting and machining tools as part of the Enerpac Tool Group. Where necessary the team cleaned and removed welding rings on lids, shells and vessel chambers using a variety of industry leading tools and on-site machining techniques, including a specialized Mirage MM2000E milling machine.

For the largest vessel, the vessel cover weighing 5 tonnes was removed and refitted using Enerpac low-height skidding and compact cube jack systems, and a turntable. Before refitting, the cover was machined using the Mirage MM2000E milling machine, also part of the Enerpac tool portfolio, to ensure an accurate metal-to-metal seal.

“We are delighted to have assisted our customer during their maintenance shutdown. Our ability to bring together a team of experts to deliver these services even in times of COVID is testament to our resilience and commitment to customer service,” said Chris Huiskens, commercial manager Service & Rental, Hydratight.

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