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How Korea handles Certification of Explosion Proof Products

South Korea, with its super high-speed internet and giant technology corporations is considered a world leader in many innovation-driven industries. The growth development of the South Korean market is impressive and unique.

As the eighth largest importer in the world, South Korea is a very attractive market for many international companies looking to sell technology and other sophisticated products. In 2021 the country announced investments totalling $432 billion USD in the semiconductor industry alone. This industry was in the news recently as it became major problem affecting manufacturing and international trade during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Suppliers from all over the world are faced with the challenge of obtaining the required approval for the Korean market to sell their parts and components. Depending on the product type there are many different types of approvals that may be needed.

Explosion protection products require a certification to be imported into Korea. Explosion protection certification procedures in Korea have been drastically consolidated over the past fifteen years and are now much better suited to international trade. The procedures are based on existing international standards or have been adapted to fit with them. With the approval for the Korean market building on the IECEx standards, companies can further expand their competitive advantages in the increasingly fast-moving international trade.

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