THE TEN QUESTIONS YOU SHOULD ASK ABOUT your maintenance activity and physical assets

Maintenance Engineer As someone involved in the maintenance of a company’s assets, which may include   plant machinery, vehicles, long term hire equipment, stock and spares; you will be aware of the bewildering amount of  guidance on the subject. You may well be new to the subject having just been delegated to look at your company’s asset portfolio, or given this task in addition to other  operations work.

  But what ever the situation this short check guide from MCP will help you look at the macro questions which effect correct maintenance activity and asset management.

  1. Are all the assets your computerised maintenance management system identified registered, and recorded, and how many are not being used?

  2. Do you know which assets present the greatest risk to your business in terms of:

Business continuity?

Health & Safety?


Lost production output?

3. Do you know the condition of all the assets and do you know the level of reliability?

4. Do you have an effective preventive maintenance programme which aims for zero failures?

5. Do you know the utilisation and efficiency levels of your maintenance technicians?

6. Is the level of engineering downtime less than 2%?

7. Do you know the scope for energy savings in your business?

8. Are you proactively looking at ways to reduce the amount you spend on spare parts?

9. Is the total cost of maintenance expenditure less than 5 % of your operating costs?

10. Is your maintenance expenditure decreasing year on year?

If you answered no to more than two of the above question you are missing an opportunity to reduce your maintenance costs and improve your plant performance, which typically results in lower cost of goods sold. Contact MCP now on 0121 506 9034 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to find out how to:

Save between 10 -25 % of your current maintenance expenditure
Generate benefits in your production operation of 10x the maintenance savings.
MCP provide consulting and training worldwide - enhancing the performance of your people, your plant and your processes

    Maintenance assessments (AMIS benchmarking)
    Lean thinking and operational efficiency programmes
    Asset management and maintenance improvements
    PAS55 implementation, certification and training
    Electrical regulations courses
    Technical skills training

We have over 30 years experience of implementing operations and maintenance improvement programmes for the manufacturing and service sectors. Typically, these programmes deliver 200% return on investment.

We enhance the performance of your people, your plant and your processes because we have:
    Over 30 years experience of specialising in asset management, maintenance and manufacturing improvements
    Helped reduce the operational costs of many companies. We have done this by assisting with maintenance improvements in over 4000 organisations
    Expertise, industry knowledge and practical experience of managing change in food and drink, pharmaceutical, utilities, chemical, services and automotive

    Transferred our skills and knowledge to your staff from the shop floor to the top floor
    Been awarded the role of engineering and maintenance champion by the National Skills Academy for food and drink manufacturing

Our Customers include:
Astra Zeneca, Diageo, Warburtons, Walkers, Eggborough Power, Glaxo Smith Kline, Johnson and Johnson, Johnson Controls, United Biscuits, UBS, Royal Mail, Scottish Power, Pepsico, Vantico, Nestle, Ocado, Reckit Benckiser and TEVA.

For further information please contact:
MCP Consulting and Training
Tel: 0121 506 9034
Fax: 0121 506 9033
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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