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 Thermoteknix has solved this major problem for all infrared camera users with an Industry First.  The latest release of Thermoteknix’ leading thermal image processing and reporting package, TherMonitor® Reporter, and its asset based Condition Monitoring system, Condition RED® are fully compatible with the largest installed base of infrared camera users in the world.  Now, thermographers can have a choice of software supplier and have seamless integration of all their images with access to these time-saving image processing and invaluable tools – regardless of which camera they have bought, or are planning to buy in the future.  Thermoteknix analysis software now supports all the major infrared camera brands, including all FLIR Systems, Inframetrics, Agema, Avio and of course, Thermoteknix. 

Thermoteknix has long been recognised as the leading developer and innovator in the field of thermal imaging software due to its powerful and unique list of features, reporting capabilities and ease-of-use.  Thermoteknix’ TherMonitor® Reporter is a fully featured thermal analysis and reporting package which includes thermal and visual images with direct integration into Microsoft Word for industry compatible reporting.

Thermoteknix’ Condition RED® is available in both Stand-alone PC and integrated VisIR® camera versions.  The Condition RED® PC version supports all FLIR Systems image file formats (past and present) including E, P, PM and B series cameras, Agema, and Avio and provides image viewing and organizing, temperature measurement and full analysis, reporting and extensive route planning and asset database all in one easy to use package.

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Thermal Monitoring/Monitoring

IR device For many key businesses, financial, I.T, media, petrochemical, oil & gas, telecommunications, large scale manufacturing etc.consequences of sudden unexpected power failures can result in severe financial and/or safety costs.The need for real predictive maintenance of all key components has been a desire that until now could not be met. The current accepted method of non-contact thermal inspection has been through thermography via thermal imaging cameras, however, this only gives a snap shot on the day - problems could arise the next day undetected.

Breakthrough performance for industrial maintenance applications

ImageRepresenting a price/performance breakthrough in thermal imaging, the Fluke Ti20 lowers the entry threshold for this powerful technology. Designed for industrial applications, the Ti20 puts the capabilities of thermal imaging within the hands of service and maintenance personnel who know the facility and equipment best.

Thermal imaging within your reach
Easy to use, thanks to one-handed

The Flir E-320

ImageThe Flir E-320 camera is a compact, battery-powered unit that weighs less than 800 grams and is sealed to IP54 (no ingress or moisture) making it an ideal portable, go anywhere tool for both indoor and outdoor use in all weather conditions. The camera also features a real-time scanning rate of 50Hz (which means the image won

Worlds first ATEX Certified IR Sightglasses & Windows

Ex-PORT The Ex-PORT range of IR Sightglasses/Windows from Hawk IR has been certified for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas. The Ex-PORT is understood to be the first of its kind to get such certification, confirming Hawk IR's status as a world leader in electrical thermography.

The Ex-PORT range from Hawk IR has been certified for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas. The Ex-PORT is understood to be the first of its kind to get such certification, confirming Hawk IR's status as a world leader in electrical thermography. Permanently installed into electrical equipment, the Ex-PORT enables thermographers to assess and monitor live components located within an electrically hazardous area in a safe and reliable fashion without removing covers or doors.

'MIRICLE 110K miniature high

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{mosimage}'MIRICLE 110K miniature high
performance 384 x 288 thermal
imaging camera'Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) performs MIRICLES
Miricle 110k Miniature Infrared Camera
Miricle 307k Miniature Infrared Camera

QinetiQ’s Zephyr High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) solar powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) has achieved its longest flight to date during a set of flight trials at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.

The surveillance aircraft is manned with numerous sensors and Qinetiq selected Thermoteknix’ MIRICLE® 110K high performance miniature infrared camera to collect thermal imagery. The MIRICLE® 110K video output now offers 384 x 288 resolution in NTSC and RS170 formats as well as in PAL and CCIR. This gives 44% more pixels when compared to 320 x 240 pixel cameras resulting in a wider field of view for the same focal length lens, or a smaller focal length lens to match the FOV. This leads to smaller and lighter optics and improved FOV to weight ratio, ideal for portable and UAV applications.

Click to view full size imageMIRICLE® is also available as a 640 x 480 unit and both models ship either as OEM cores/engines or as fully built sealed cameras with a choice of optics. A choice of digital and analog outputs complete the package to meet application needs. Zephyr is an ultra-lightweight electrically powered aircraft, with a wingspan of up to 16 metres but weighing less than 30 kg. The aircraft uses a combination of solar array and rechargeable batteries and, when fully developed, is expected to operate for months at a time at an altitude above 50,000 feet providing a sustained and persistent earth observation platform. Zephyr flew with MIRICLE® on board at an altitude over 50,000 feet for 18 hours, including 7 hours in the dark.

Qinetiq’s Zephyr High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) Solar Powered UAV (right) embarks on its record 18 hour flight at an altitude above 50,000 feet over White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, 7 hours of which were flown in the dark. Zephyr is equipped with a Thermoteknix MIRICLE 110K 384 x 288 pixel resolution thermal imaging camera.

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