IR/Thermal Monitoring

Samsung Techwin launch thermal imaging camera Techwin has introduced the STC-14, a fixed thermal imaging camera with a built-in 14mm lens and 4x digital zoom suitable for effective detection over large areas.

Unlike traditional cameras that rely on light to see images, thermal cameras pick up heat signatures of subjects and objects so are unaffected by extreme conditions such as complete darkness, harsh weather, bright lights, fog and smoke. This makes the STC-14 suitable for use in a wide range of high security environments such as airports, coastlines, prisons and ports. The STC-14 is particularly powerful for perimeter protection over large areas.

“The STC-14 is competitively priced compared to other thermal cameras in its class,” said Peter Ainsworth Product Manager for Samsung Techwin’s professional security division. “In addition to security applications, the STC-14 is therefore likely to be an attractive option to customers who are looking, for example, to use thermal imaging cameras to detect or identify problems with plant room machinery. There are also situations where the STC-14 may be considered a more desirable option than standard CCTV cameras including residential estates where traditional imagery could cause concern about privacy.”

Operating up to a distance of 360 metres and weighing a mere 2Kg, the STC-14 is supplied in a IP66 rated weatherproof housing and comes complete with a full three-year warranty.

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