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Lamp Recycling, Disposal 7 Lamp Crushers

Since 1980, Balcan has developed and produced the widest range of models and sizes of lamp crushers available in the UK - eight in total. They are specially designed to overcome the variety of hazards, including mercury emissions, associated with the reduction and disposal of unwanted lamps. The lamp crusher designs and specifications have always complied with the safety recommendations made to Balcan, by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the Department of Environment (DoE) and Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Pollution (HMIP), now the Environment Agency (EA).

Since the mid 90’s, Balcan has offered their Complete crush, on-site lamp crushing & disposal service (now the Balcan lamp recycling service) for fluorescent tubes and all other types of waste lamps. In 2001 they designed and manufactured their own Lamp Recycling plant. The Balcan Lamp Recycling Plant produces some of the cleanest glass available from lamp recycling and has markets for all the by-products.
With the current WEEE Directive, Balcan Lamp Recycling . Balcan can offer its clients a number of options for their waste lamp problems, including its lamp crushers, on-site lamp disposal & lamp recycling service and storage containers for fluorescent tubes and all other types of waste lamps.
Existing users of Balcan Lamp crushers can have their machines adapted with the new dry filter unit, to enable the crushed lamps to be recycled.
Balcan lamp & bulb crushers are probably the safest lamp crusher to use, with all lamps being fully encased prior to crushing, a requirement of the UK Health & Safety Executive.


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