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Forney has maintained its position as a leader in power plant and large industrial systems for more than 75 years by designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing the most innovative lines of combustion and environmental equipment.

Since it's inception, Forney's combustion products have been applied to thousands of power and industrial boilers worldwide.  Our experience includes firing oil, gas, and process by-products.  Forney's combustion products include igniters, flame detectors, duct burners, burner management systems, and speciality applications.


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Forney now offers environmental analyzers and instruments to enhance our traditional Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS). Forney’s full line of combustion products continues to include igniters, flame detectors, Burner Management Systems (BMS), burners and duct burners.


DR6101E Dual Range Amplifier

The microprocessor based DR6101E has a two-range design which allows the unit to independantly monitor and process inputs from two detectors simultaneously.

The DR6101E measures both amplitude and frequency outputs data as pulse per second data which makes it easy to read.

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IDD-II Series Flame Detector

Designed to accurately detect & discriminate the luminous flames that fuel oil, coal and lignite fuels create, the IDD-IIL Flame Detector is used generally for light fuel oil flame sensing and is designed specifically for the low flame frequency produced by high ash flames & lignite.

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IDD-II Flame Detector

IDD amplifier

A flame detector for utility and industrial boilers with output contacts that make it a popular choice for multi burner applications. The Forney IDD series flame detector amplifier is available as a panel or rack mount and is suitable for coal, oil or natural gas being compatible with a variety of gas applications.

The detector outputs an analogue signal with a multitude of frequencies when viewing a flame. The amplifier after receiving the signal is able to select one of many discrete frequencies which best represents the "flame on" condition.

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Cooling Chamber for IDD Series Detectors

An economical compact method of providing additional cooling for detectors in high temperature applcations. The unit consists of a two piece cast steel housing that encloses Forney detectors.

The housing is easily opened by hand to allow access to the detector without the need to disconnect any connections. It also protects and supports the detector and its cables from possible damage.

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IDD Cooling Chamber

Uniflame - Unitised Flame Detector with Amplifier

A combination of solid state infrared, ultrviolet or dual (IR and UV) sensors are utilised in the Uniflame series flame detectors that are based on microprocessor technology.

There are three different models to choose from that can be applied to solid, liquid or combination fuel firing. It also incorporates an adjustable flame rely to eliminate the requirement of a remote amplifier.



DURAFire® Oil Igniter

The Forney DURAFire® is the only oil igniter on the market to incorporate a highly stable and reliable “protected primary combustion zone”. Capacities range from 5 to 35 mmBtu/hr for use in wall burners.



MaxFire® Gas Igniter

The Forney MAXFire® gas igniter provides stable and reliable operation in a size and capacity range from 2" OD, 1 mmBtu/hr to 5" OD 35 mmBtu/hr for use in wall burners.


MAXFire 40 Low Pressure Gas Ignitor


Flexible Single Tube (FST) Igniter

The FST oil or gas igniter is designed for use in tilting tangential burners as a Class I igniter and warm-up gun.



Horn Igniter

As an upgraded replacement for OEM equipment the Forney Horn igniter offers optical flame detection and high energy spark ignition for both oil and natural gas firing.  Retrofit is made easy by matching the bolt pattern to the existing windbox opening.


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