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Flu AceThermal Energy International Inc., which recently acquired the Bristol based steam trap manufacturer GEM Ltd, is launching its highly acclaimed FLU-ACE technology to the UK and European market.  Greatly improving the fuel efficiency of boiler operations, FLU-ACE provides a significant return on investment, and reduces environmental emissions.

FLU-ACE effectively converts an Industrial boiler into a condensing boiler and, in so doing, effectively recovers up to 90% of the heat normally lost. This is possible because FLU-ACE Conventional heat recovery technologies require dedicated equipment for each boiler exhaust.  However a single FLU-ACE can handle a varying flow of flue gases emitted from multiple boilers.  This results in a lower initial investment, cheaper operating costs and a higher return on investment.  A full payback is achieved in less than three years with continuing savings being maintained throughout the unit’s 20-year plus operating life.

The FLU-ACE unit’s unique internal structure ensures maximum condensing heat and mass transfer.  It also enables an unobstructed flow of liquids and gases through the tower, providing continuous operation with extremely limited downtime.

FLU-ACE is equipped with a variable speed, induced draft fan at the tower outlet to automatically maintain the optimum flue gas static set point at the tower outlet. This prevents interference with upstream processes.

Primary hot water is produced when the boiler flue gas heat and pollutants are transferred and water vapour is condensed in the FLU-ACE.  The hot water (up to 63C) accumulates in the receiver where it is chemically treated to neutralise acids and remove suspended solids, if required.

 FLU-ACE will further expand GEM Ltd’s arsenal of products that help companies and institutions reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.  Widely used throughout Canada, FLU-ACE waste heat recovery technology is the ideal solution for boilers used in a wide range of applications including food manufacture, hospitals, sewage treatment works and the pulp and paper industry.  

GEM will introduce this ground breaking technology on Stand No 4 at the forthcoming Maintech Exhibition at the NEC from 17th to 19th March
GEM, a division of Thermal Energy International Inc., 1 John Street, Bristol, BS1 2HS Tel: 0117 917 7010 Fax: 0117 917 7011 www.gemtrap.com 
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