Condition Monitoring/Predictive Maintenance

Machine Condition Monitoring

Leonova™ Infinity

More than 40 years of experience and close cooperation with our users worldwide enable SPM to present a revolutionary innovation for pro-active maintenance.

Leonova™ Infinity marks a decisive advance in machine condition monitoring

  • unique machine diagnostic functions
  • precision line laser alignment and balancing
  • select what you need approach
  • optimal ergonomic design
  • revolutionary economic terms

SPM has the organisation and the know-how to increase the availability and profitability of your production equipment. Knowing that your situation is special, we gave Leonova Infinity a comprehensive range of functions and developed a new system of financing condition monitoring.

Hygroscopic Breathers Achieve maximum machine performance, Use a unique filtration process to treat the cause not the symptom . . .

Hygroscopic breathersRemove moisture and particles before entry to the system.Moisture and particle accumulation are major factors of oil contamination in industrial equipment. Neglected, these detriments restrict equipment efficiency, causing machine downtime and significant expense in replacement oil, parts and repair labour. Des-Case hygroscopic breathers incorporate a proven, field tested design.

They prevent water and contaminates from entering fluid reservoirs as differential pressures occur through thermal expansion and contraction of the fluid, or during the filling or emptying process. Manufactured with a hygroscopic agent, they have the capability to extract water vapour from the air as it is drawn through the unit. Accompanying solid particles are then removed by a patented polyester fabric filter, allowing only clean, dry air to enter the system.

New Tritex Multigauges

Tritex GaugesDorchester based, Tritex NDT have developed a new range of triple echo ultrasonic thickness gauges for measuring metal thickness to check for corrosion on pipelines, storage tanks and other industrial applications where corrosion occurs. The new Tritex Multigauges have been designed for robustness, simplicity of use and most importantly, accuracy.

The range includes the Multigauge 5500, designed for hands free use when climbing on staging, scaffolding or when accessing large storage tanks by rope.The Multigauge 5600 has been developed for most common thickness gauging applications on pipelines. The easy to use keypad allows operator interface whilst the bright graphical LCD display gives detailed information such as echo strength, probe type and measurement units.

Artesis Delivers Wireless Communications with New Predictive Maintenance Solution

Motor Condition monitorArtesis, a leading supplier of intelligent predictive maintenance solutions, is pushing the boundaries of machine monitoring technology with its next generation solution. Delivering a range of powerful new functionality the Artesis MCM (Motor Condition Monitor) system now includes wireless technology for deployment in remote and inaccessible locations; fully automated condition assessment reports for even faster diagnostics; and the ability for engineers to easily and quickly customise the application for wider enterprise use.

Building on the success of the MCM system that has revolutionised automated fault diagnostics, Artesis has now integrated robust wireless technology, using intelligent GPRS modems, to allow the use of remote communications in condition monitoring. This allows cost-effective, easy installation of wireless monitoring stations at any site in remote, hazardous or inaccessible locations, while maintaining reliable and transparent access with centralised users via the Artesis communications server.

Basics of Lean and Reliability Based Spare Parts and Materials Management.

spare parts and materials storesIn about 50% of organizations spare parts and materials stores reports to the maintenance organization. In about 50 % of organizations spare parts and materials stores is part of the purchasing function.

One of the areas that are first attacked when an organization wants to become lean is the materials and spare parts areas. Through reducing the value of spare parts and material kept in storage you can of course reduce costs. It is true that there are often big opportunities to lower the value in many stores, but it can also become very expensive if it is not done correctly.

Submersible vibration sensors help protect pumps.

submersible vibration sensorsHansford Sensors Ltd. now offer a range of submersible vibration sensors, which has been specifically designed for operation in partial or complete immersion in water, making them ideal for the monitoring of pumps in a maintenance role.

Pumps perform important tasks across many industries, some operating continuously and others triggered into action to move liquids at specific times or as a result of leakage.

The only measuring tool in the world with digital readout for laser alignment of belt driven machine

Easy-Laser<hr id=The Easy-Laser® D160 detector unit can also be connected to our standard D279 display unit (used for shaft alignment) for full documentation.
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Artesis Launches MCMSoC For Open Integration Of Condition Monitoring Technology

MCM SOCArtesis, a leading supplier of intelligent predictive maintenance solutions, has launched the MCM System on a Card (SoC), a product for the OEM sector, bringing a highly efficient and easy to use tool suite that allows the fast and complete integration of Artesis


Vibration SensorAndy Anthony, Operations Director with Monitran, discusses the importance of vibration sensor selection, placement and use for condition-based predictive maintenance.

In the December issue of Engineering Maintenance Solutions Donald Lyon, MD of Monitran, explained how cost-effective condition-based predictive maintenance (PM) strategies can be formed around the intelligence gathered from vibration monitoring and analysis.