Stepping up to the challenge for Acorns Children’s Hospice

beko-sept-2015-3The aching limbs and blisters didn’t stop Martin, general manager at BEKO TECHNOLOGIES’ from completing a 40km run along with 35 runners from the Redditch running club to raise money for Acorns Children’s Hospice. The run consisted of 8 park runs, each 5km starting at 7.30am at Cannon Hill in Birmingham, then onto Brueton Park at 9.00am, 10.30am Perry Hall, 12.00 Walsall Arboretum, 2.00pm Kingsbury Water, 15.30 Coventry, 5.00pm Leamington before arriving at Arrow Valley Park at 7.00pm in the evening for the last run. When they arrived at Arrow Valley Park in Redditch, the home of the running club they were met by over 200 supporters to see them on their final race of the day.


sept-15-beko-1It is widely accepted that the BEKOMAT condensate drain from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES Ltd is the world’s most reliable condensate drain. With over three million fitted worldwide, it is also the most prolific by a long way.

The problem is that BEKOMAT is so reliable that customers often neglect to undertake the simple servicing requirements- indeed we have seen many examples of BEKOMAT’s functioning reliably after many years use without having ever been serviced! This is fine so long as the drain continues to work- the BEKOMAT is designed to operate for at least one million cycles between each service- it is indeed the Mercedes Benz of the condensate world! But you wouldn’t invest in a Mercedes and then not service it for 10 years, would you! Of course not, you would want your investment to be properly looked after so you get the best performance and value from it.

BEKO Airstation Simulator

beko-13-08-1YOUR MISSION: Compressed air with a quality of 2.4.2 according to ISO standard 8573.1.

Check your understanding of compressed air components with the BEKO Airstation simula-tor. You can find it http://www.beko-technologies.co.uk/service/virtual-compressor-station/. You can arrange the BEKO compnents so that the desired quality of compressed air can be achieved.

New appointment at BEKO TECHNOLOGIES UK

beko-12-08-1BEKO TECHNOLOGIES are pleased to announce that Paul Mucklow has been appointed Aftermarket Manager for the UK and Ireland as of 1st May 2015. Paul will be responsible for growing the service department, assisting the sales team, and also technical support.

Paul started work in the compressed air industry 25 years ago as a service engineer at Hydrovane Compressors in Redditch. He then moved to domnick hunter in Gateshead as a Service engineer, then as an area service manager, when the company bought Zander where he progressed to their service manager. Paul came to BEKO TECHNOLOGIES from a local dealer to join us as the Aftermarket Manager.

CLEARPOINT® compressed-air filters: New sterile and steam filters For the highest hygienic demands

beko-july-28-15The compressed air system provider BEKO TECHNOLOGIES has further developed the range of CLEARPOINT filter technology.

With the innovative 3E filter elements (3E = Energy Efficient Element) and a flow-optimised, corrosion-protected housing construction, CLEARPOINT filters offer safe and reliable compressed air filtration with long service lives and significantly reduced operating costs.

Now, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES has extended the successful CLEARPOINT product line by the addition of sterile and steam filters for the highest hygienic demands.

CLEARPOINT HP 50: High pressure filters now also for large volume flows

beko-july-15-1With the extension of the CLEARPOINT HP 50 filter series by models for large volume flows, the compressed-air system provider BEKO TECHNOLOGIES completes its range of CLEARPOINT high-pressure filters.

The new CLEARPOINT HP 50 models are designed for large volume flows of up to 3,500 m³/h and a pressure of up to 50 bar. This is a demanding performance combination which is required, for example, for the production of PET bottles.

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES promote Sean Bullock to Regional Sales Engineer for the West Midlands

beko june 8 2015BEKO TECHNOLOGIES are pleased to announce that from the 1st June 2015, Sean Bullock is appointed as the regional sales engineer for the west midlands area. Sean started with BEKO TECHNOLOGIES as customer support/ warehouse but later moved into an internal sales role. Sean will now be leaving the office to take over the west midlands area from Matt Harrison. Matt will be concentrating more on the UK and Ireland as a whole. Sean has completed a TACK sales training course in Manchester.


beko june 1BEKO TECHNOLOGIES one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of compressed air equipment, has appointed James Deeley as the warehouse/ customer support person to be responsible for stock management and customer support for BEKO TECHNOLOGIES UK.

James has joined BEKO TECHNOLOGIES’ team from FW Needham in Birmingham where he worked as the warehouse supervisor. His responsibilities were the running of the warehouse, despatching orders, ordering stock and helping customers with general enquiries.

Continuously monitoring medical compressed air

beko june 3With a system that was specifically developed for monitoring the compressed-air quality in the medical field, the compressed-air system company BEKO TECHNOLO-GIES extends its METPOINT measuring equipment family. The new device for the continuous quality assurance of breathing air monitoring boasts decisive unique fea-tures, such as a daily auto calibration and measuring-gas humidification for the in-creased operational reliability and long-term stability of the measuring cells.

METPOINT MMA from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES allows for the uninterrupted 24-hour monitor-ing of the sensitive medical compressed air, which is of utmost relevance to patients' safety, according to the specifications of the pharmacopoeia.


beko june 2BEKO TECHNOLOGIES has appointed Andrew Munn as Customer Support/ Internal Sales. He is responsible for generating new sales and service opportunities for the company as well as supporting our existing customers. Andrew will also deal with technical enquiries and support our external sales and service teams.

Andrew has joined BEKO from PCTI Solutions where he worked as the account manager for sales in the midlands region selling document management software. He was responsible for looking after existing customers and providing demonstrations of the software.