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ImageRolls Royce has taken delivery of the first AIRdeck intelligent access platforms from work at height specialist Planet Platforms.
Developed specifically for the application, the eight AIRdeck units facilitate the stringent final inspection process of the 500, 700, 800 and 900 Trent Series aviation engines at Rolls Royce's Civil Aerospace Customer Delivery Centre (CDC) in Derby, UK.
One AIRdeck system is made up of two pre-set heights (3No.) hydraulic scissor packs, platforms positioned in a parallel configuration.

Once the engine which is to be worked on is brought into position, the outer and inner fingers of each AIRdeck unit extend to form a 360 degree wrap-around inspection bay.
The inner deck area is made up of a series of independent aluminium fingers, which pneumatically extend to shape to the contours of the engine. This provides inspection engineers with a safe work platform from which to inspect every part of the engine at close quarters.

Each AIRdeck system can be positioned at pre-set heights from 1131mm to 2981mm, giving engineers the flexibility to raise or lower the platform to suit each engine type. The variable height of the platform and hydraulic lift also enables engineers to raise toolboxes and small parts up to the point of inspection.
Four of the units are mounted on hover pads to allow the platform to be removed from the flow line to enable access and for the engine to be removed.
Toby Pemberton, who managed the project on behalf of Planet Platforms said, “The Rolls Royce inspection line is a highly sophisticated, highly technical environment and as such required an access solution with very specific considerations. Following a successful tender, we visited the Derby plant on numerous occasions throughout the research and development process so that we had a good understanding of the processes and objectives involved. We started from the ground up and designed the system specifically for the application.”
However, once the Rolls Royce units had been installed in Derby, Pemberton soon came to recognise that the system had a number of attributes that could be easily transferred to other industrial situations. He continues, “Although the system was designed to allow engineers close access to aviation engines, the principle of the pneumatic fingers could be applied to the manufacture, inspection or maintenance of any large object. It therefore made sense to give the system a name and roll it out to a wider audience.”
Subsequently, Planet Platforms has received enquiries from a number of organisations interested in the AIRdeck principle.

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