Working with ageing and new industrial equipment


A key focus for EEMUA is helping owners and operators of industrial assets to avoid damaging and costly incidents – by providing practical resources that support the industrial engineering community as it works with real-life’s range of ageing and new plant.

EEMUA’s many resources include ‘how to’ guidance publications, seminars, webinars, e-learning, classroom, live online, in-house and blended training throughout the year. For instance:

Mechanical Integrity Practitioner Certificate (MIPC®training keeps practitioner-level engineers on top of the latest industry developments and good practice in primary containment of hazardous substances, including for pressure systems.

The blended learning (live online classes, 1-1s, e-learning, with mentor support throughout the course) covers on-site application of EEMUA 177, 231 and 232 guidance, and the PSSR ACOP.

Certificated for 5 years via exam and portfolio assessment, the course adapts to the engineering needs of each learner and their site or sites through a 2-hour induction that can be fitted to diaries from September 2023.

The next MIPC course runs from 23 October 2023 for 27 weeks, 4 hours per week. Open to all practitioner-level engineers, the MIPC course is discounted for EEMUA Members and Associates.


EEMUA 194 Subsea Engineering Basics blended online learning is for practical design, specification, commissioning, operation, repair, maintenance, and refurbishment of ageing or new underwater energy production equipment.

Course Tutors’ incorporate decades of expert materials corrosion experience with the distilled know how of industry captured in the ‘how to’ guidance of EEMUA Publication 194 to capture reality in online learning.

The course’s live online classes, e-learning and 1-1 tutorials provide real-time interaction that ensures Learners immediately grasp the correct understanding and make the learning experience time-efficient.

Open to all and discounted for EEMUA Members, the next EEMUA 194 Subsea Engineering Basics course has a 2-hour Induction to fit diaries from October 2023, with learning starting 6 November 2023.

EEMUA TankAssessor course in Rotterdam, NL from 9 October. Given in Dutch, the four-day course provides understanding of: the design, material and fabrication aspects of tank construction with respect to repair or restrictions of use after degradation in service; principles, output and limitations of inspection methods and techniques; making sound assessments of storage tanks and their foundations’ integrity; offering guidance on repairs. With an exam to earn or renew a five-year certificate of competence, the course is open to all with the correct experience and discounted for EEMUA Members.

Next Seminar… The EEMUA Storage Tanks Seminar in Rotterdam, NL on 30 November is open to all for a whole day’s focus on: Current research projects relating to tank storage; Robotic tank cleaning; EEMUA Publications; Mothballing of storage tanks; Guidance for statistical analysis for tank floor inspection (New EEMUA Publication).

Free from shareholders and owners, EEMUA is the industrial engineering community’s not-for-profit association that invests all its revenue into sharing practical guidance resources, events, training, and more ~ all developed ‘for industry, by industry’ and proven by engineers in everyday use over more than 70 years. 

All EEMUA’s resources are free or discounted for EEMUA Members, and new corporate Members and Associates are always welcome, so please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make EEMUA’s many resources work best for you and your team.

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