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Cortem Group: new LED lighting fixtures and floodlights for Zone 2 EVNL and EVNL-B series

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mayjune 18 12Cortem Group: new LED lighting fixtures and floodlights for Zone 2 EVNL and EVNL-B series

Cortem Group is pleased to present the new EVNL and EVNL-B series lighting fixtures and floodlights suitable for plants in Zone 2 (Gas) and Zone (21), 22 (Dusts), keeping cost reductions at the foreground, improving the product quality and increasing the lighting features.

As the Product Manager, Gianpaolo Scanferlini, explains: “Among the features on which Cortem Group aims to stand out (Read More) 

on the market, the multi-functionality and the versatility of the lighting equipment stick out first of all, that is the possibility of having different models starting from the same body: the lighting fixtures version with a wide 120° light beam or the floodlight version with different light beam openings according to the customer’s needs. To these peculiarities are added the new design, the lightness of the product, the high luminous efficiency and the common characteristics of LEDs such as the duration, the availability of immediate light and the light quality”.

EVNL series LED lighting fixtures is made using high luminous efficiency (lm/w) “COB” (ChipOnBoard) LED lighting system, a Multichip LEDs formed of a LED matrix connected to each other and covered with a layer of diffused phosphorus. The particular design of the body in aluminium alloy allows a quick and easy dispersion of the heat generated during normal operation of LEDs. Furthermore, the geometric structure of the cooling fins has been designed to minimise the deposits of combustible dust and allow air or water present in the surrounding area to exert a cleaning action on the fixture.

The EVNL series can be powered through two entries placed in the rear junction box, one of which is equipped with a polyamide cable gland for unarmoured cable and the other one is plugged, allowing the connection in/out in the case of a connection of several lighting fixtures on a single electric line.

On the other hand, EVNL-B series lighting fixtures and floodlights feature a LED plate and the “Ex op is” protection which classifies the equipment as a device with certified optical safety. This is a point of pride for Cortem Group, which confirms itself as one of the few manufacturers in the world that actually certify the lighting equipment according to this method of protection.

The EVNL-B series can be supplied with 10°, 20° and 40° optics (60° and 80° optics are also available for the EVNL-60B series) fitted directly on the LED board, which modify the photometry allowing different concentrations of the light beam. An advantage provided by the LED floodlights of the EVNL-B series is the assurance that lighting will never fail. In fact, if one LED stops working, the others will continue. Furthermore, during the activation stage, the light reaches its maximum power emission immediately.

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