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The Connected Worker Gas Detection and Personnel Tracking Combined

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mayjune 18 10The Connected Worker Gas Detection and Personnel Tracking Combined

Gas detection has evolved through many iterations from the birth of the Davy Lamp in the 19th Century through to the 4 gas monitors of today the goal has been the same; keeping people safe from potentially life threatening exposures, asphyxiation or explosion.  

With each evolution there has come new methodologies and with a recognition of risk there has often been a (Read More)

surge of development.  We have long recognised the limitations of the standard confined space or personal single gas monitor, they are a fantastic tool for warning an individual of a potentially life-threatening atmosphere but what if they are overcome before anyone else even knows there is a problem?

The development of wireless gas monitors is not new but the technology has often been unaffordable or limited in range.  Since the mid 1990’s there have been monitors able to send signals to remote alarms and the logic is simple the further out we can get an alarm, the quicker we can get emergency assistance to the individual.  The limitation has always been the distance we can send the signal and identifying where the casualty is.  

Two technologies have developed almost in parallel personal gas detection and lone worker personnel tracking.  Tracking for lone workers has been a recognised technology for many years now with users able to call for immediate assistance with a discrete push button including GPS and a GSM connection or direct satellite connection lone workers could call for immediate assistance to life threatening situations.  So why not merge these two distinct technologies?  Thus was born the Blackline Safety G7.  

The G7 includes a built in GSM sim card which is network free or can come with direct satellite comms for more remote areas (not yet available in Europe).  The unit is available in a variety of gas formats currently single gas H2S, CO, O2 and LEL or a quad gas variant but additional sensors are shortly to be released for VOCs and CO2 among others.  This means if someone is exposed to dangerous gas levels not only does their local alarm sound but an immediate warning is sent directly to any specified person, this can be reviewed on a map instantly via PC, MAC, Mobile or Tablet.  A text message can also be sent to any relevant people and the casualty can be located immediately via the GPS or satellite connection.  Not only that but you can voice call the user directly on the gas monitor to check if they are ok!

The unit also includes a safety switch to call for immediate assistance and using the in built transducers can detect a fall or lack of motion.  Within seconds of any incident alerts can go out anywhere in the world to seek assistance and the emergency response can be coordinated straight to the casualty.  The G7 is capable of sending and receiving text messages, so users can check in or a site wide evacuation can be sent to every unit.

We believe this technology provides an exciting new era in personal safety, no longer does anyone need to be put in a life-threatening position without the back up of immediate emergency response.  There are also other benefits to this technology including the ability to heat map sites for gas exposures.  Although these small exposures may be below the safety thresholds, the unit is constantly tracking and logging allowing you to identify where higher gas levels may be present giving you and early alert to any potentially dangerous atmospheres to come.  
The G7 also has its own bump testing system and as part of the package you get full cover for sensors and calibrations.  When your unit is due for a calibration a new cartridge will be sent to you simply replace the old gas cartridge and send it back to us.

Safety Monitors have recently partnered with Blackline Safety to support their efforts with this truly revolutionary new technology.

Safety Monitors are a UK based company but also deal extensively across the world.  They are specialists in Safety, Health and Environmental monitoring instrumentation including Gas, Noise, Vibration, Air Quality and Radon.  For sales, hire or service requirements please call +44(0)1489 326031 for more information and assistance or visit