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Is Your Dust And Fume Control Supplier Fit For Purpose

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hes april 18 27Is Your Dust And Fume Control Supplier Fit For Purpose

The selection, design,  installation, maintenance and testing of local exhaust ventilation (LEV) systems requires a high level of competence in order to ensure that all  are done correctly.

Until now there has been little to ensure or  to demonstrate,  the competency of those carrying out this type of work, however, the introduction of the competency card by the Institute of Local Exhaust and Ventilation Engineers (ILEVE) (Read More) 

hopes to remove this problem for the OEM   by providing a clear means of demonstrating competence .

Anyone supplying or designing equipment  should  be competent to do so and have an understanding of the issues associated with the pollutants or dangers around the plant, so therefore, an understanding of the Occupational Health risks, as well as the correct application of equipment to overcome these problems is a fundamental part of the selection process.  Being able to then select, design, install and subsequently maintain to ensure the equipment continues to operate correctly is also as important.  

All of these factors have been taken into account within the ILEVE competency system in order to try and help the OEM select the right person to provide the correct equipment.  A poorly designed, or selected piece of equipment can be as much a hazard as the original problem.  Selection of the correct equipment,  taking into account explosion issues, such as with DSEAR or ATEX, as well as the selection of equipment that does not create secondary problems such as excessive noise are all important in the selection of the equipment. At least by using  suppliers with demonstrable competence  this shows the OEM has taken steps to ensuring the correct  service or equipment is employed therefore limiting their exposure  should a problem occur in the future .  

The HSE statistics show a staggering 12,000 preventable deaths occur annually from occupational respiratory diseases, 130,000 people have breathing or lung problems caused by their work and the current estimate is that 13,000 new cases per year occur.  Lung disorders may take many years to manifest themselves and are usually irreversible.   Managers and workers  are usually unaware of the dangers until it is too late.

Many millions of pounds are spent annually on local exhaust ventilation systems commonly referred to as dust and fume extraction, which is one of the most common measures employed to prevent this exposure in the workplace.  It was to address  the issue of being able to ensure that the LEV system is appropriate and effective, that the Institute of Local Exhaust Ventilation Engineers was formed in 2010.  The hope was to bring about a significant improvement in the effectiveness of the equipment and services provided by the LEV industry, as well as to raise awareness of the importance of effective exhaust  ventilation  and to provide a platform for competent LEV engineers and service providers.

ILEVE is an engineering institute for individuals to develop their professional career and have their competencies assessed and rewarded.  ILEVE is part of the Chartered Institution  of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) and is supported by the HSE. As there were no previous criteria for competency in the LEV industry, the only option was for the managers wishing to assess suppliers was to rely upon their own gut feeling assessment, or at best, the certificate from a short training course, which takes no account of practical experience.

ILEVE members are therefore, assessed in five LEV related disciplines, namely occupational hygiene, design, installation management, commissioning and thorough examination and testing. A pass in anyone category is only achieved with the appropriate experience, technical knowledge, qualification and submitted evidence.

Subject to this assessment a competency card is awarded together with a member grade and designatory letters, i.e. pass in five disciplines and a minimum of five years experience would award full membership, three years and three disciplines for associate and one year and one discipline for licentiate membership. Each card is issued annually to ensure current knowledge and a continuous assessment of these capabilities will be required to maintain the status.

The members name and membership number are shown on both sides of the card.

So when assessing LEV proposals, ask to see the supplier LEV competency card as proof of their competencies. ILEVE is  fully supported by the Health and Safety Executive  writing  ahead of the lunch of ILEVE in May 2011, Judith Hackett, Chair of the HSE said ‘the formation of ILEVE is the first step to achieving the goal of improved competence for the LEV industry”.
Employers can verify the authenticity of the card and membership status by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by calling 020 8675 5211.

Further information of ILEVE either for membership or information regarding the assessment scheme please go to the website at www.       Or if you have specific questions or requests please follow the links or contact page on the website.  As  well as helping  end users to choose suppliers that are fit for purpose,   inclusion in the membership of ILEVE is also there to support the members . Archives of information  specific to the LEV industry are being gathered fro members use together with the in house support of other member if required . The Institution also aims to offer further support to members by  arranging information days with presentations on equipment , processes and legislation pertenant  to the industrial often held  along side open meetings / discussion sessions .
If you are thinking about membership take a chance to consider the 10 reasons on our website  why you should consider ILEVE membership .

ILEVE already  believe all people involved in frontline LEV activities such as Sales, Design, Installation, Commissioning & Testing should be  given the opportunity to be able to demonstrate their accredited LEV competence in their field of expertise, what do you think ?

For further technical programmes , and any other information  please go to: