Calor Gas: Protecting Lone Workers In Hazardous Environments With Safe Hub

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hes april 18 24Calor Gas: Protecting Lone Workers In Hazardous Environments With Safe Hub

Calor Gas, the UK’s leading supplier of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) has selected Lone Worker Solution’s (LWS) Safe Hub platform to protect their lone working engineers.

Around half of Calor’s 1,500 employees work at least some of their time in the field alone or out-of-sight of colleagues. One key issue for the company is the safety of employees who handle LPG. (Read More)

Engineers have strict instructions to leave mobile phones and other electronic devices in their vehicles at all times, as there is the risk that they will spark and cause an explosion. Engineers working alone and in remote locations, are therefore unable to summon support in an emergency. Calor trialled the Safe Hub on Twig intrinsically safe devices, the engineers were impressed with the level of support offered, and the ability to stand down false alarms.

National roll-out

Successful deployment

Since Calor deployed Safe Hub, feedback from the engineering team has been entirely positive. In particular, the engineers value Yellow Alert , a ‘virtual buddy’ feature for use when workers might enter a challenging situation. Andy Watson, Calor’s Customer Engineering Manager, said “I sleep better at night knowing that, if there is an emergency, our engineers are protected by Safe Hub even when they’re working out-of-hours in hazardous environments.”

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