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Gamma LED now available for Zone 1

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hes april 18 15Gamma LED now available for Zone 1

Abtech’s Gamma LED range is Ex-certificated for Zone 1 hazardous areas. The Gamma has been designed to withstand the rigours of operational oil and gas production. It is both ATEX and IECEx certified.

The intrinsically safe 72W Gamma provides 10,800 lumens of crisp white light. It is equally at home when installed as a traditional floodlight or suspended to act as a low-bay luminaire. Abtech’s innovative approach to LED development (Read More) 

combined with the release of our own iSMART driver technology give the Gamma several design advantages.

Firstly, certification was achieved without the need for heavy Ex d enclosures. These are commonly used by luminaire manufacturers as a method of isolating unprotected LEDs from exposure to potentially explosive gasses. Not only does this make the Gamma relatively lightweight but it also removes the need for annual inspection of any exposed flame path, thus reducing lifetime maintenance costs. Secondly thanks to Abtech’s iSMART driver technology with built-in fail-safe mechanisms to prevent sparking, there is no requirement to encapsulate the LED’s. Even the best clear encapsulates result in a degree of light loss due to internal refraction. Some have been known to become cloudy over time, particularly when exposed to complex hydrocarbon compounds associated with oil & gas production. As the Gamma does not require encapsulation, transfer of the light generated is maximized resulting in a very efficient 138lm/w and no reduction in lumen maintenance through encapsulate degradation.

In line with its Zone 2 counterpart, the Gamma is constructed from marine grade stainless steel with a toughened glass diffuser, it incorporates stainless steel fixings throughout. It is designed to operate within an ambient range of -30°C to +55°C (T3/T4) ensuring the luminaire can withstand the harshest of environments.

All Gamma luminaires are tested at an operational ambient of 40°C and supplied with a five-year complete system warranty. Both Zone 1 & 2 versions are available Ex-stock.

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