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Have you met the Future of Gas Detection? BW Clip4, MGC Simple and Blackline G7

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jan 18 13Have you met the Future of Gas Detection? BW Clip4, MGC Simple and Blackline G7

Always striving to introduce the very latest technology from tried and tested worldwide brands, Shawcity is delighted to showcase and offer customers the widest independent choice of gas detection instruments on the market.

Our latest next generation products from the world’s leading manufactures in gas detection are all designed to push (Read More)

the boundaries of personal, around the clock protection.

These innovative instruments are changing the way many industries use personal gas monitoring equipment, from manufacturers, utilities and first responders.

With no maintenance, no charging and no calibration, the new BW Clip4 and Multi Gas Clip Simple both detect H2S, CO, O2 and combustible gases (LEL) and both are intrinsically safe. Each comes with its own compatible dock, allowing quick bump testing and easy data transfer.

Both instruments are ergonomic, lightweight and durable and offer significant benefits including time savings, test gas savings and dramatically reduced maintenance costs. Fleet numbers can potentially be halved as monitors can be passed straight from one shift to the next without the need for re-charging in between. Thanks to IR technology, the pair also work in oxygen-enriched and oxygen-deficient environments and the LEL sensors are immune to H2S and silicone poisoning.

After nearly two years in development in response to customer feedback, the latest addition to our lone worker gas detection portfolio is the Blackline Safety G7.

Highly configurable for every organisation, G7 warns both the user and live monitoring personnel of environmental exposure risks to both toxic and explosive gases. G7 is a true ‘Internet of Things’ tool with wireless communications and location technology to empower real-time emergency response and evacuation management.

Traditional gas detectors work in isolation and only alert the worker of imminent danger. Now, with G7, a team of responders is alerted in real time if the gas alarm activates or an employee hasn’t moved for a specific period of time and can pinpoint their exact location.

With the responders also receiving the gas concentration data readings from the worker’s G7, any rescue can be undertaken with pre-entry knowledge of conditions and risks in the area.

Two-way voice communication enables monitoring personnel to speak directly with the employee through a built-in, industrial grade speakerphone. G7 uses a combination of assisted GPS and proprietary indoor location technology to display a fallen or injured employee’s exact location on an interactive map, enabling monitoring personnel to direct responses quickly and accurately.

The G7 is available in three models; G7c Standard is the base model ideal for monitoring personnel, lone workers and actively managing accounts.

The G7c Single Gas and G7c Quad-Gas have interchangeable cartridge options that fit on to the G7c Standard to offer single or four gas detection.

The BW Clip4, Multi Gas Clip Simple and Blackline Safety G7 are all available from Shawcity now.

For further information or to discuss your gas monitoring requirements contact 01367 899419
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