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CORTEM GROUP: a new Business Unit at the service of EPCs for the supply of explosion-proof electrical equipment

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jan 18 2CORTEM GROUP: a new Business Unit at the service of EPCs for the supply of explosion-proof electrical equipment

One of the qualities that have always distinguished Cortem Group, which since 50 years has been designing and manufacturing explosion-proof electrical equipment for areas with risk of explosion and fire, is the ability to adapt to market changes and respond quickly to customer requests, providing customized products perfectly tailored to their needs. (Read More)


The integrated production process, from the arrival of the raw material to the finished product, the continuous investments in research and development on new products and the internationalization strategy, has allowed the Group to cope with the ups and downs of the market in recent years, maintaining a constant growth.

The resumption of many international projects in the Oil & Gas sector, cancelled or put in “stand-by” in the past few years, and the increasing demand not only for finished products, but also for engineering services, has led the company to restructure itself during the course of the last year to be able to provide the right products for the right applications.
With the arrival in the Group of Mrs Marianna Saragaglia as EPC Sales Director, a new Business Unit was created and dedicated exclusively to Italian and international engineering companies to be able to compete even better in the international engineering projects market, for quality, engineering and specific offer. Cortem Group, although it is a multinational company, maintains the peculiar flexibility of an Italian business reality, strongly oriented towards product engineering customization and customer satisfaction.

“The new EPC Business Unit is made up of skilled staff with years of experience and excellent product knowledge,” comments Cortem Group’s EPC Sales Director. “An integrated project management team which works together with all other departments companies involved to approach the offer request at 360°, during the pre-order phase, and to effectively manage the order once the project has been acquired”.
The results of the new working group were not long in coming: Cortem Group has, in fact, been awarded the supply for several important projects including Khurais project in Saudi Arabia, Zohr Gas Field in Egypt and Al-Zour in Kuwait. For the Khurais production center expansion project, awarded by Saipem and owned by Saudi Aramco, it will supply 2,5 million euros of lighting fixtures, whereas for the Zohr natural Gas Field Offshore project, owned by Eni and managed by Petrobel, Cortem Group will supply LED lighting fixtures for almost 3 million euros. For the Package 4 of the new Al-Zour refinery, located 90 km south of Kuwait City, Cortem Group has been awarded an order for 1.5 million euros for the supply of lighting fixtures and distribution panels. The new refinery, commissioned by the state-owned company KNPC, will be one of the largest in the world, with an output of 650 thousand barrels of oil per day and expected to be operational in November 2019. This reorganization also enabled the completion of the registration in the Vendor List of all the main international EPCs, especially in the Middle East and Northern Europe.

“We are very proud of the whole team and the enthusiasm with which it has joined the corporate reorganization project” concludes Mrs Saragaglia “This is only the first phase of a reorganization that will see, in the near future, the inclusion of new resources and skills demonstrating how much Cortem Group believes in this project and in company evolution. Furthermore, the acquisition of international projects has already shown, in the short term, to be a driving force for the growth of all the other sales divisions related to distribution”.

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