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Multisorb Improve Workplace Safety with Pelloby Cranes

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oct17 21Multisorb Improve Workplace Safety with Pelloby Cranes

Active packaging technology company Multisorb Technologies Limited recently refurbished some existing lifting equipment with two new Pelloby crane beams to improve workplace safety practices.

One tonne bags of silicone are regularly transported to a mezzanine floor within Multisorb’s large warehouse in order to be loaded from above into special equipment for further processing. (Read More)

Until recently these bags were lifted to the mezzanine level via a forklift truck and a goods lift, before finally being taken to the station via two existing Pelloby post mounted monorail cranes.

This convoluted progress was far from ideal, not least because the goods lift was located above a busy doorway, meaning staff would often want to walk directly through the area that the forklift truck was occupying.

After consulting with Pelloby’s design experts the decision was taken that two new beam cranes would be manufactured to be used in conjunction with the existing supporting columns, one of which extended over the edge of the mezzanine area to collect the silicone bags from the ground level – removing the need to use forklifts in this process.
This 10.2m cantilever beam, which can support loads of 1.25 tonnes, provides two key safety advantages. Firstly, it means goods are no longer lifted in front of the commonly used doorway, and secondly a special audible flashing beacon was installed to warn staff when the crane is directly overhead. The alarm and lights are triggered when the hoist travels over the cantilever section of the beam that protrudes from the mezzanine platform, it then stops once the hoist has been repositioned away from this edge.

The second beam Pelloby manufactured for this project was 9.6m long and could support weights of up to two tonnes. While a brand new two speed chain hoist was provided for use with the cantilever crane, two pre-existing hoists were fitted to this beam. This helped keep the overall cost of the project down which is often the case with refurbishment work.
Carl Jones, Manufacturing Engineer at Multisorb explained that as well as improving the safety of the workplace, the new Pelloby cranes were helping to increase workplace efficiency.

“The team at our Telford site have noticed a big advancement in terms of the speed and ease at which our materials can be lifted to the mezzanine floor.

“Whereas previously we would have had to transfer the silicone from the forklift, to the good lifts, to a manual floor transporter and finally to our existing cranes in order to reach the relevant loading point – we now just use a single piece of equipment, our new Pelloby crane.”

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