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Thorne & Derrick - Stay safe from shock with Marechal Electric Plugs

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ja 17 6Thorne & Derrick - Stay safe from shock with Marechal Electric Plugs

This article explains the inherent dangers of working on or near electrical equipment under load and provides accident risk reduction advice for plant managers and safety supervisors who control the selection and operation of electrical equipment.

Effective safety measures can be introduced to counteract occupational electrocution, today we consider the seemingly benign plug. But firstly, the ever-present danger. (Read More)


The electrical threat - some shocking facts….

Fatal electrical injuries are inflicted irrespective of voltage or current. FACT. 50 volts of electrical current applied between two parts of the human body causes a current to flow that can block the electrical signals between the brain and the muscles, some effects include:

  • Stopping the heart beating properly
  • Preventing the person from breathing
  • Painful muscle spasms – breaking bones and dislocating joints

During electrocution the electrical current is conducted through the victims body heating tissue along the length of the current flow. Deep skin and flesh burns often require major surgery and can be permanently disabling. Loss of muscle function prevents the electric shock victim from “letting go” – personally helpless and ensnared.

Marechal self ejecting plugs

Self-ejecting plug-socket systems eliminate the need to disconnect electrical equipment, allowing a mobile device to be moved while electrically connected without unplugging it, or where equipment is located in high-risk or hazardous area locations.

Marechal self ejecting plugs ensure electrical disconnection of power supply is safe, fast and automatic – saving time and possibly lives.

Wherever the location, whatever the current

Whether you require a high IP rated electrical connector to permit washing down with a high pressure hose in the food and beverage industry, ATEX certified plugs for hazardous areas or up to 37 pin plugs for complex configured power and control distribution, we’re here to help.

Thorne & Derrick distribute the complete range of Hazardous Area Plugs for safe electrical power distribution in potentially explosive atmospheres, including Marechal self ejecting plugs for Zone 1 & Zone 2.

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