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14 Jackson, Factoria,
South Africa

Established in 1948 by George “Monty” Pratley, the Pratley stable of companies rests on a foundation of research and innovation in the manufacturing, retail, and minerals processing sectors. Drawing from over 73 years of experience, Pratley has filed over 350 patents worldwide, is ISO 9001:2015 certified and produces the only South African manufactured product to have gone to the Moon. Drawing from 65 years of industry experience and the expertise of nearly 200 staff members, we pride ourselves in the manufacture and distribution of highly innovative Electrical Cable Glands, Electrical Junction Boxes, and related accessories for normal and hazardous locations. Pratley has a Policy Statement that says, Pratley policy is to produce products that out - perform all other directly competing products on the world market. Every Pratley employee lives and breathes by this statement.

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Tel : 0027 11 955 2190
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Email : sales@pratley.co.za
Web : https://pratley.com

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