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Texas Instruments: Training: Metering Solutions for the Smart Grid

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For AMR (Automtated Meter Reading) and AMI (Advanced Meter Infrastructure) to become truly pervasive it needs to provide more than a reduction in meter reading costs. Optimization for Asset tracking, dynamic pricing, tamper notification, outage management, supply automation, load profiling and network diagnostics are critical elements for the success of this infrastructure. The trend towards AMR increases the electronics content of the meter itself, and AMI drives a networked infrastructure for all metering. TIļæ½s comprehensive utility metering portfolio includes devices targeted at electricity, water and gas metering, as well as power line communications (PLC) and radio frequency (RF) interfaces for AMI that allow customers to design smart grid solutions. From highly optimized application specific embedded processors, low-power RF, power management and RFID to dedicated software support for ZigBee, WMBUS, OFDM and SFSK modulations, TI offers the most complete solution set for smart metering. This...

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