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All-new Ex-certified SEMIC 1-LED machine lamp from Atexor

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hes may june 19 5All-new Ex-certified SEMIC 1-LED machine lamp from Atexor

Atexor introduces the unique SLAM FIXED® Semic 1-LED machine lamp for confined spaces. Ex-certified as a fixed and portable light, the Semic 1-LED already has IECEx, KOSHA and NEPSI certifications, with more on the way.

The Semic 1-LED is a new type of Ex-luminaire designed to meet the high demands of the semiconductor industry, including T6 and IP68 ratings. Created for industrial gas (Read More) 

or chemical supply cabinets, the Semic is equally ideal for tight, confined spaces of any type.

Universal brackets allow you to install the luminaire on a wall or ceiling. The bracket is made from dissipative material, so you can safely and easily detach the luminaire to hold in your hand, then simply re-attach it when you’re done.

Together with a new customer, Atexor Ex-Lighting Solutions created the Semic 1-LED for gas unit cabinets, delivering a new, Ex-certified solution in record time. Decades of experience combined with dedication and close customer cooperation made this possible.

Atexor’s team of experts is at the ready to find exactly the right solution for customers. Speed, flexibility and reliability are at the core of Atexor, and the Semic 1-LED is testament to that.

For further information, contact:
Atexor Oy in Finland:
+358 20 734 3250
Atexor Ltd in UK:
+44 1224 640777