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Q-Ball – the minimum weight solution for flameless explosion venting

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hes mar april 19 28Q-Ball – the minimum weight solution for flameless explosion venting

As a pioneer in developing systems for flameless explosion venting REMBE GmbH Safety + Control has fundamentally changed the world of explosion protection already in the eighties. With Q-Ball the German engineers are now presenting a new development, which possesses the potential to revolutionise the flameless explosion venting once again. (Read More)


This is because the Q-Ball is going to set a new benchmark in venting effectiveness and weight. Primary designed for elevators, the principle of contour parallel venting -developed by REMBE engineers- applies with the Q-Ball. A maximum venting effectiveness is guaranteed and at the same time the required vent area is reduced to a minimum. The design is characterised by another new feature: The extreme low weight of the Q-Ball, enabled by construction related setting aside of outer frame profiles. Competitive products with comparable performance will easily reach more than double weighting. Because of its minimum weight, the Q-Ball is ideally suited for components with a low strength. The dimensions of the four available Q-Ball sizes are designed to fit perfect to elevators. Moreover, the integrated signalling enables a reliable monitoring and maintenance. An optional available sanitary cover protects the Q-Ball in a perfect way against wetness and dust indoors and outdoors.

Nowadays it is a common industrial standard for systems of flameless explosion venting that in closed rooms and spaces neither flames, nor pressure or dust can exit the unit. The dangerous effects of explosions need to be reduced to a harmless level; the noise of the explosion bang shall be minimised to an acceptable level. In ideal case production downtimes can be avoided or significantly reduced.

REMBE meets these requirements with explosion-proof housing structures that will stay stable even during extreme dynamic explosions. Additionally filter inlets made of a special stainless mesh material developed by REMBE cool down hot flame gases (up to 3000 °C) extremely efficient within only 500 milliseconds. This reduces the volume of ejected gas and extinguishes the explosion – heat, dust and pressure remain in the facility. Proximity to an external wall is not required, so this simple protection solution can even be used in the middle of production halls. The optimised production process remains in the building.

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